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Body Armor Packages

Looking for full riot gear? Riots can occur any time, and participants can be irrational and spontaneous, especially when there is severe anger or hurt.

Protect yourself with our body armor packages which include shoulder pads, elbow and forearm guards, and front and rear leg protectors.

Full riot gear protects the limbs from the impact of swung or thrown objects. Our body armor packages are made in the USA with the most effective, lightweight ballistic materials.

We have made it our mission to keep our prices low and offer safe protection to everyone. All our products are made to be of the highest quality, and we would never compromise on the quality of materials, protection, or quality.

In addition, we offer several other bulletproof products that will help keep you safe such as bulletproof hats, neck protection, K9 vests and many more.

Whether you need light protection or full combat gear, we have your back!


NIJ III+ AR-15 and AK-47 Bulletproof Wall | SUV, Classroom, and Mobile Defense

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Riot Equipment

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EOD Advanced Bomb Suits – Bomb Disposal Suits

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Anti Riot Control Protective Suit (not including helmet)

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Anti-Bomb Blanket for Suppression and Safety

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Man on one knee wearing RiotReady body armor arm, shoulder, and leg pads

Body Armor Packages – Shoulder, Arm, & Leg Pads

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