Bulletproof Body Vest

With mass shootings and gun violence rising, more people have decided to invest in bulletproof clothing, particularly around risky neighborhoods.

Bulletproof vests are designed with strengthened ballistic plates to disperse the bullet’s energy and protect the body from blunt force trauma.
Hard body armor is effective, but can be heavy and cumbersome.

BulletSafe bulletproof vests are comfortable, more concealable and offer NIJ Level IIIA protection at rock bottom prices. Our top-of-the-line vests offer large coverage areas in 6 sizes that will fit almost everyone.

We have made it our mission to keep our prices low and offer safe protection to everyone. All our vests are made to be of the highest quality, and we would never compromise on the quality of materials, protection, or quality.

In addition, we offer several other bulletproof products that will help keep you safe such as bulletproof hats, neck protection, K9 vests and many more.
Whether you need light protection or full combat gear, we have your back!