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Bulletproof Work Backpacks

Upgrading to a bulletproof work backpack shouldn’t mean compromise. We offer eleven stylish and functional backpacks for your working life needs. Whether is small and sturdy or large and bulky we have something to fit your needs.

With a range of 11 varied designed from well known quality brand labels, we certainly have a work backpacks to suit all styles and tastes. Our range come in many shapes and capacity types to suit any occupation. Ranging from car organisers to diaper bags we have any solution to meet your needs within our range. Our bulletproof work backpacks can keep you safe from ballistic and knife attacks while also keeping you fashionable and trendy.

Our range of stylish bulletproof backpacks look like an ordinary work backpack to the naked eye while inside our high quality ballistic panels are ready at a moment’s notice. Backpack protection levels range from knife attack level to AR-15 and AK-47 level. Many backpacks can be upgraded to a higher protection level with an additional insert.

All our backpacks are made with the highest quality materials, are comfortable to wear or carry and offer superior storage solutions allowing you to carry everything you need to start your working day.