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Increased gun violence occurring in the United States has translated to bulletproof clothing and body armor becoming more common to own for your average citizen. These articles of clothing absorb the impact and stop the penetration of certain bullets. They are also stab-proof against sharp objects like knives and razors.

Bulletproof clothing is common and highly recommended for people frequently in high-risk or potentially high-risk situations of violence. These include security guards, gas station attendants, and hunters. However, anyone who feels that they may be at risk of violence can purchase body armor, except for those with felony convictions.

To determine a product’s level of protection, the items of bulletproof clothing and body armor are tested against various firearms to determine the force they can take while keeping you safe. Different products offer different levels of protection, but most are bullet resistant against anything from a BB gun to a .44 Magnum.

As gun violence increases in the United States, more and more people are wearing bulletproof vests and vests that cover the entire body. These clothing can stop certain bullets from penetrating and absorb the impact of others. Additionally, they defend the wearer from stab wounds caused by knives and other sharp implements.

Those who are routinely exposed to dangerous or potentially violent situations should invest in bulletproof clothing. Guards, gas station workers, and even hunters fall into this category. While those with felony convictions are prohibited from purchasing body armor, anyone else who believes they may be in danger is free to do so.

Bulletproof vests and body armor are put through their paces by a battery of weapons to guarantee they are up to the task. The level of protection offered by the garments is evaluated by how much force they can withstand during the tests. Products vary in their amount of protection, but most can stop anything from a.22 caliber bullet to a.44 Magnum.

Those who are worried about their safety may find that purchasing bulletproof apparel is a wise investment. Wearing these specific clothing is a preventative measure that can lessen the severity of injuries sustained in violent encounters. Wearing high-quality bulletproof clothing and body armor will keep you safe and give you confidence in dangerous situations.

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Equinoxx Stage-3 Ultra-Thermal Mock – As Warm as a Coat Without the Bulkiness – 3-Pack Saver

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Custom Bulletproof Dress Suits for Kids, Teens, and Adults – Any; Fabric, Size, Color, Level

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Equinoxx Watch Cap Beanie

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Wonder Hoodie SWX – Stab Proof Hoodie

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Bulletproof Kids Hoodie

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Tradecraft Jacket – Tactical EDC CCW Available With Level IIIA Armor

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Operator Tactical Pants

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Paladin Battle Belt – Tactical Molle Gun Fighter Belt

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NIJ IIIA+ (3A+) and Level 2 Stabproof Bulletproof Vest – Dress Vest

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Agent Gloves 2.0 Elite – Thermal & Water Resistant

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Comfortable Lightweight Bullet Proof Denim Jacket Level IIIA Black

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Bulletproof Vest – Fleece (NIJ-IIIA)

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Bulletproof Shirt (NIJ-IIIA)

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Lightweight Bulletproof Hoodie Level IIIa (3A) Protection – With Hood Panels

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Lightweight Bulletproof Hoodie Level IIA (2A) Protection

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Lightweight Bulletproof Flight Jacket – Level IIA

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Lightweight Bulletproof Flight Jacket – Level IIIA

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Lightweight Bulletproof Suit Jacket – Level IIIA

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Lightweight Bulletproof Suit Jacket – Level IIA

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Bulletproof Fleece Jacket Level IIIA Protection

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Lightweight Bullet Proof Waistcoat Level IIIA

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Bulletproof Vest Undershirt Concealed Level IIIA

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Comfortable Lightweight Bullet Proof Denim Jacket Level IIIA

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front of Bulletblocker Level IIIA Bulletproof Youth Nylon Jacket

Bulletblocker Level IIIA Bulletproof Youth Nylon Jacket

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Talos Ballistics NIJ IIIa Bulletproof Woman’s Laced Leather Biker Vest

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Mc Armor Level IIIa Keops Armor Vest

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Lightweight Level IIIA Bulletproof Vest For Children

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Bulletproof Hat / Baseball Cap

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Black Bulletproof Pants Sizes

Bulletproof Pants

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Types of Bulletproof Clothing Available:

Bulletproof clothing has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. In the United States, gun violence has increased and so have citizens’ concerns about their safety at home, at work and on the go.

This has created a market for bulletproof clothing as an added layer of protection, providing peace of mind and reliable protection against ballistic and knife threats.

Bulletproof clothing refers to specialized, discreet clothing that offers protection from ballistics (firearms) due to the material’s ability to absorb impacts without penetration. These clothing items are also capable of standing up against stabbing and slashes from sharp objects such as razors and knives.

You are not invulnerable. In fact, you are more vulnerable in some places and scenarios than other people. If you happen to be working in an environment where you might be exposed to acts of violence, it is important for you to proactively protect against those threats with bulletproof clothing.

Ideal for: gas station attendants, security guards, hunters, first-line responders, attorneys, government officials, celebrities and/or entertainers, and anyone who feels they may be a target.

Bulletproof Clothing, Body Armor, & Vests

Bulletproof clothing or vests offer standard protection from the upper chest to the lower abdomen on the front, the sides, and the back. Some bullet resistant designs provide additional protection to the groin, shoulders, and collar. All of these provide the highest level of protection for soft body armor at a level IIIA (3A). This means a bulletproof vest can protect against handgun rounds up to .44 Magnum which covers most handgun rounds used in shooting incidents. With that being said, level IIIA vests do not protect against heavy rifle fire alone. If this additional security is desired, additional ballistic plates can be added to front, rear, and side vest pockets for all sizes except for X-Small vests as they do not have the space for additional storage.

Bulletproof Vest Sizing Chart

In regard to size and weight, most vests are available in X-Small to 4XL, but certain designs are limited to Medium to 2XL. For standard bulletproof clothing, their weight and total protection area in regards to the vest size are as follows:

Sizes Weight and Protection Area
X-Small 4.85 pounds with a total protection area of 340 square inches
Small 5.15 pounds with a total protection area of 390 square inches
Medium 5.70 pounds with a total protection area of 430 square inches
Large 5.70 pounds with a total protection area of 430 square inches
Extra Large 6.05 pounds with a total protection area of 450 square inches
2XL 6.35 pounds with a total protection area of 490 square inches
4XL 6.95 pounds with a total protection area of 560 square inches
For vests that provide additional protection to the groin, shoulders, and collar, their weight and total protection area are as follows:
Sizes Weight and Protection Area
Medium 12.7 pounds with a total protection area of 890 square inches
Large 13.6 pounds with a total protection area of 910 square inches
Extra Large 14.5 pounds with a total protection area of 930 square inches
2XL 16.3 pounds with a total protection area of 1050 square inches
All vests should fit securely around the abdomen area. Use your height and weight to determine the appropriate size based on a bulletproof vest size chart. Because vests have adjustable straps, the length of the vest in comparison to your abdomen length is not as crucial as how well the vest securely covers the width of your midsection. If you are in between sizes and have a larger midsection, go for the larger size. If you have a smaller midsection, go for the smaller size.

Bulletproof Shoulder, Arm, and Leg Pads

Our bulletproof clothing includes baseball caps offer level IIA protection from .22LR to .45ACP rounds. The cap is meant for everyday wear so they only offer coverage to the front third of the skull to maintain comfort and discretion as an everyday bullet resistant accessory.

The caps come in a size Small, Medium, and Large. To determine your size, measure the circumference of the widest part of your head, around the middle of your forehead to the outermost part of the back of your head.


Bulletproof Hats and Helmets

Protection for shoulders, arms, and lower legs from the knees down to the ankles are offered by pads. They are ideal for thrown or swung objects and they absorb the impact of bullets. These bullet resistant paddings are designed to be durable yet flexible for full-range mobility. Shoulder, arm, and leg pads come in one size for people up to 225 pounds. In regards to weight, a set of all three pads cumulatively weighs about 6.5 pounds.

less than 21 inches in circumference
21-23 inches in circumference
23 - 24 inches in circumference

Bulletproof helmets offer full protection around the head, face, and neck. It includes a face shield that is impact resistant while maintaining optical visibility. This product also includes a neck guard to deflect thrown or swung objects toward the neck region. The helmet is available in a size Small to XXL and weighs an average of 3.9 pounds.


Bulletproof Clothing: not just for front line responders

Let’s face it, one evening news segment is all you need to get a glimpse into the underbelly of society. Gunshots, knife assaults, terrorists, gang wars, disgruntled employees, triggered fanatics and more are all a real and present threat in today’s modern society.

The sad truth is that stepping outside of your own front door is risky business. At any time we could find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. But you don’t have to be the victim.

Bulletproof clothing is just one of the many tools we now have at our disposal to protect self and family. No longer just for police and law enforcement, the use of body armor isn’t just legal, it’s a trend that has seen significant growth in recent years.

Fact is, given the innovative technology and discreet designs, you may have walked right past someone wearing our bulletproof clothing without even noticing.

What was once bulky and cost-prohibitive is now accessible and available for the general public. Now you too can take back control of your personal safety when out on the town.

Why We Should All Consider Adding Bulletproof Clothing to Our Wardrobe

Reliable Protection

The primary reason you’re shopping for bulletproof clothing in the first place. Designed to protect against both bullets and knife attacks, the fabric and materials used in the manufacturing of our clothing line is NIJ rated to perform to standards set by the same governing body that is the gold standard for police and military.

Stealth-Like Discretion

Today’s body armor and bulletproof clothing has come a long way since the days of plated armor. Of course, bulletproof clothing can never be a total replacement for hard and soft plated options. But it can offer a nice middle ground between protection, discretion and comfort.

After all, you can’t really be expected to wear full-body armor when running your errands or visiting the doctor’s office, can you? Even if you did, you’d stick out like a sore thumb, and the last thing you want is to draw attention to yourself.

Bulletproof clothing offers NIJ rated protection that looks, feels and performs like your regular clothes. With one big difference: the ability to protect you from ballistic and knife threats.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps you live in a high-risk area of the city, or are hypervigilant about the safety and security of your family. No matter your reasons, we can all agree that you can never be too cautious when protecting your life and that of those you love. Bulletproof clothing can offer you the peace of mind you need while causing little to no disruption in your daily life.

Fit and Comfort

Traditional body armor, be it hard or soft plate, isn’t exactly the most comfortable to strap on and lug around. Especially if you expect to require protection for an extended period of time (such as an all day outing). Bulletproof clothing enables you to reap the benefits of a bulletproof vest, without the weight, bulkiness and discomfort. All while providing a reasonable amount of protection from NIJ rated materials that are engineered to withstand a 357 magnum, .45, 9mm and more.

Flexibility and Mobility

In tactical and self-defense situations, every ounce matters. Each ounce takes energy to move and sustain in positions, and can leave you lagging behind or exhausted if you need to move fast or for long periods of time. While great strides have been made to reduce the weight of traditional body armor, you simply can’t get more feather-light than with bulletproof fabric. When heavy armor isn’t an absolute must, or in situations where flexibility, mobility and speed matter more, bulletproof clothing often fits the bill.


  • Is Bulletproof Clothing Real?

    You might have seen John Wick’s now notorious bulletproof suit. In fact, this suit put the spotlight on a fairly new innovation in the self-protection and body armor industry: bulletproof clothing.

    Turns out, not only is it real, it is effective, NIJ rated, and affordable. Options range from shirts and hoodies, to jackets and pants, all with front to back protection.

  • Is Bulletproof Clothing Legal?

    According to the Washington Post, 2020 ended as the most gun-lethal year in the USA with nearly 20,000 Americans killed by gun violence. Worse yet, 2021 is already shaping up to be worse.

    But is it legal for you to wear body armor? Turns out in most states the answer is YES. However, it is up to each state to set laws regarding the use of body armor, and some do have restrictions. We can’t give legal advice, so always check with your local laws before wearing body armor in public.

  • Is Bulletproof Clothing Effective?

    We wouldn’t sell it if it wasn’t. Of course, plated armor will offer greater protection than bulletproof clothing, but plated armor isn’t always ideal, especially for lower risk settings or for daily living and outings (such as running errands, working at your job, etc.).

    That said, our bulletproof clothing is NIJ rated to protect from the likes of 44 and 357 Magnum, .45, 9mm and more.

  • Is Bulletproof Clothing Noticeable?

    The element of surprise and having the upper hand cannot be overstated. But that only works if your ‘edge’ is hidden and concealed. Our clothing line is designed to emulate regular everyday clothing. It is virtually identical visually to any other item in your wardrobe.

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