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Bulletproof Backpack Inserts / Plates

Get the best of both worlds with bulletproof inserts for your backpack. Add a layer of protection and peace of mind without compromising on fashion. Hae the style and look you want and add some discreet protection.

Our high quality plates are made from the highest grade synthetic fibres designed specially to absorb high velocity impacts. The plates are versatile and lightweight making it easy for users to add them to existing backpacks and clothing. Students already have enough weight in the form of heavy text books so being able to add lightweight protection is very important in keeping the backpack as a manageable means to transport books while also protecting the carrier.

Purchasing inserts also saves you money as you can add them to bags you already own, which helps you keep costs down and avoids having more bags than you need. They can even be re-used in other backpacks meaning if you replace your bag further down the line or simply desire a different look, you can add the inserts with very little fuss which saves you money.

Our plates come in a range of sizes and weights and the choice of how many to add or even where to add each plate is up to each user.
Inserts allow you to add the protection you need without compromising on your style of design tastes. This is not fashion over function…..you can have both!