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Lightweight Bulletproof Hoodie Level IIIA (3A) Protection With Head Protection

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Our world famous bulletproof hoodie with head protection just hit a major milestone, and we’re celebrating our third birthday with the launch of Wonder Hoodie X, a NIJ-IIIA bulletproof hoodie utilizing UHMWPE instead of Kevlar. Never decide between superior quality and price again. Our take on the classic hoodie look combined with police-grade NIJ-IIIA protection makes for a best-in-class, must-have safety item. 

Every 10 bulletproof sweatshirts we sell, we donate 1 bulletproof product to a public school teacher.

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Featuring: Ultra High Molecular Weight, High-Performance Polyethylene (UHMWPE)

Product Specifications:

  • Head Protection: armored panels discreetly protect the back and sides of your head when you need it
  • *Black hoodies only: Head armor panels can be unzipped and removed
  • 3-inches of bulletproof panel overlap secured by velcro down the middle allows users to safely wear it zipped or unzipped
  • Free Trauma Pad in every bulletproof panel for added protection
  • Full military-style torso protection, no Tetris-panels to ‘insert’ like low-end competitors
  • Adjustable velcro straps along shoulders and sides of torso for a true no-bulk, slim fit
  • 100% USA Made, right in Los Angeles, CA
  • Hoodie part: 85% Polyester / 15% Soft Cotton
  • Need to wash the adult bulletproof hoodie? Unzip the body armor from its torso casing and put the remaining armored hoodie into the washing machine
  • *Black bulletproof hoodies now come with black drawstrings and a black zipper
  • UPDATE: Due to popular demand, we are no longer including the winged logo on the exterior of our hoodie UNLESS you special request via email
  • UPDATE (05/31/2022): During these uncertain times, all products are made to order

Unisex Size Chart

Size Chest Waist
XS 30" - 32" | 76.2 - 81.3cm 24" - 26" | 61 - 66cm
S 34" - 36" | 86.4 - 91.4cm 28" - 30" | 71.1 - 76.2cm
M 38" - 40" | 96.5 - 102cm 32" - 34" | 81.3 - 86.4cm
L 42" - 44" | 107 - 112cm 36" - 38" | 91.4 - 96.5cm
XL 46" - 48" | 117 - 122cm 40" - 42" | 102 - 107cm
2XL 50" - 52" | 127 - 132cm 44" - 46" | 112 - 117cm
3XL 54" - 56" | 137 - 142cm 48" - 50" | 122 - 127cm
4XL 58" - 60" | 147 - 152cm 52" - 54" | 132 - 137cm

Bulletproof Information

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: If you get shot (God forbid) with our hoodies on, we’ll send you a replacement hoodie FREE of charge. Just include the police report or news clip
  • Ballistic Material: UHMWPE – READ MORE
  • NIJ-IIIA lab results can be found HERE
  • LEARN HOW TO USE our bulletproof head protection
  • Bulletproof panels are contained in a detachable water-proof vest casing for easy machine wash
  • Free Trauma Pad added to every every panel
  • Meets NIJ IIIA standards to defend against 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 9mm, .45, hollow point ammunition and more. Learn more.
  • Provides the highest level of bulletproof protection currently available from concealable body armor.

Other Specifications

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Weight: 5.5 – 8.5 lbs.
  • Shipping to the US & Canada,
    *International orders: it’s the customer’s responsibility to check the relevant laws regarding body armor in your country before purchasing
Just got another one

I got an update email saying they now sell these with removable hood and while I’m disappointed it wasn’t offered when I got it last year… been really liking the product howverver and getting my father the new one now for xmas.

Jeremey B
Not bad

Not bad, good construction

Ray Tre
Warm Comfort for a big city

The past year i’ve been trying to bring my girl friend to go out to different places and event in San Diego and her main excuses are catching covid or getting shot. After plenty of research i’ll be getting one for her and i for our one year anniversary i hope ill be able to make plans so we can go exploring in our beautiful city with our next year while staying safe and alive.

Best Purchase

Excellent product. It feels very safe, very warm, very fashion, very sturdy and durable. I am now totally confident to wear the wonder hoodie for a night walk. This is a purchase that I never regret!

Triet P

It was lighter then I was expecting,,knew it was gonna be ,but man impressed.

Baywolf DelRocini
thanks again Wonder hood

Happy new year from Montreal! It took about a month to get to me here in CN but worth the wait. The hoodie fits great after using their side velcro, plus that it makes you feel like a secret agent gearing up. Anyway, thanks again Wonder hood

Dan the Man
Great build

Got a small, came in a week. Great build. Feels like the real deal here and I’m glad it’s like half the price now. Will buy more come xmas

Farrah S.
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