Comfortable lightweight bullet proof denim jacket level iiia 0

Comfortable Lightweight Bullet Proof Denim Jacket Level IIIA


If you are looking for that casual look which can protect you from attack, then you may just have found the bullet proof vest for you.  This jeans jacket looks like any other denim wear, but is fitted with bulletproof protection.

If you want protection but do not want to stand out from the crowd, this is the ideal bullet proof jacket for sale.  Security guards and those charged with close quarter protection are often keen to blend into the crowd.  This body armor provides the perfect solution for their needs.


In today’s society, violence can erupt out of seemingly nowhere. From social unrest to criminal intent, the average citizen is never at zero risk of finding themselves in harm’s way. Yet, traditional body armor has been difficult to tote around without drawing attention and limiting mobility.

Today, however, we have options like this lightweight bullet proof denim jacket, featuring Level IIIA protection without the need to sacrifice your sense of fashion.

Denim is an ideal material for personal protection, even without the bullet proof capabilities of this jacket. Notoriously tough to get through, denim itself can offer better protection from slashing and even blunt stabbing of sharp objects moreso than virtually any other consumer fabric (apart from dense leather).

But this jacket holds a discreet secret that sets it apart from the rest: Level IIIA-rated bullet proof capabilities.
Reliable, discreet, and lightweight, this bullet proof denim jacket offers superior protection while keeping low key and not standing out in the crowd. Best of all, its lightweight design and ergonomic ballistic plates allow for seamless movements without hindering mobility or slowing you down.

Ideal for casual outings, events, or simply running errands around town, this jacket offers a level of personal protection that previously was only available in bulky, heavy, and mobility-restricting outer vests.

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Bulletproof Denim Jean Jacket Protection Rating:

  • Level IIIA Certified

  • .44 Magnum

  • .357 SIG

  • 7H21

  • 10mm Auto

  • And protection from all threats Level I, IIA, and II are capable of stopping

Bulletproof Jean Jacket Product Specification and Details

  • 5-year warranty

  • Manufactured to the highest standards (ISO 9000 quality)

  • NIJ Standard and rated Level IIIA protection

  • UPS shipping for fast and discreet delivery

  • Trusted by Israeli Special Forces

  • Sizes Available: Small to 5XL

  • Colors Available: Denim Blue


Genius, putting a vest into a jacket. I can wear it casually and it never shows, and it's convenient to wear when needed.

Justin F
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