Bulletproof Vest VP3 Level IIIA   NIJ Certified

Level 3 Body Armor - Bulletproof Vest - Level IIIA


The newest bulletproof vest from Bulletsafe is the Vital Protection 3 (VP3) vest. This high quality bulletproof vest is Made in the USA and is NIJ-Certified Level IIIA (3A)! offers NIJ Level IIIA protection. The VP3 Vest retains BulletSafe’s legendary low price-point while providing top tier protection from most handgun calibers up to and including a .44 Magnum.

The unisex design is discreet and comfortable. A favorite with law enforcement, security guards, and civilians alike who need maximum protection that won’t break the budget.  that choose to buy BulletSafe Level 3 A Bulletproof Vests. Comes in sizes Small to 4XL, see the height-and-weight chart below for a proper fit.

Available in 8 sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL and 4XL

Note: The Extra Small (XS) does not have a plate pocket.


A Ready to Go Level IIIA Bulletproof Vest with a 5 Year Warranty

This American Made bulletproof vest is light weight and has wrap-around, front, and rear ballistic panels to maximize protection over the heart, lungs, and other vital organs. This Level 3A vest can also accommodate 10”x12” ballistic panel plates in its Velcro secured pocked to provide both Level IIIA (3A) and Level IV (4) protection again rifle calibers. This bulletproof vest comes with a 5 year warranty and arrives at your door ready to go with fast delivery!

The Best Bulletproof Vest At An Unbeatable Price.

BulletSafe has always offered a great value in body armor.  This Vest Body Armor Kit provides level III A protection at an unbeatable price, just $299.97.  We are convinced, that if you need to buy a Level 3 bulletproof vest, that the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest is the best body armor choice for you.

Level IIIA Is The Right Protection Level For You.

Level III A (3A) body armor is the highest level of protection you will find in soft body armor. Our Level III armor vest will protect you from everything from a BB gun to a .44 magnum. That is great protection. Don’t settle for other vests or body armor that offer level IIA or level II. You want level III A body armor.

The best bulletproof vest if you have to buy your own vest.

The BulletSafe Vest is the best value in bulletproof vests and level iii armor. If you have to buy your own Level III armor vest with real money, it is by far the best bulletproof vest.

Name:BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest
Sizes:XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL
CapabilityNIJ Level IIIA
Capability.44 Magnum
Multishot Capable6 Rounds, NIJ 06 Standard
Carrier Material600 Denier Polyester
Warranty5 Years
Ballistic PanelsWrap-Around, Front & Rear
Plate PocketsFront & Rear - Flush Design

The BulletSafe Vest is Available In Six Sizes:

  • S

  • M

  • L

  • XL

  • 2XL

  • 4XL

Please use this helpful BulletSafe size chart. Your bulletproof vest size is NOT YOUR T-SHIRT SIZE.  Use this height and weight chart to pick the best size Level iii armor for you. If you are between two sizes and you are fit, choose the smaller one. If you have more weight around your middle, choose the larger size.

Another note on bulletproof vest sizing:

BulletSafe Sizing Chart
Bulletproof Vests Size Chart

Your bulletproof vest needs to fit in one main area: around your stomach. The length of the vest is not important as you can use the shoulder straps to adjust it; the important factor to consider is the diameter of your midsection. If you have a large belly try to order at the top of your size range so that you can fasten the vest around your mid-section. If you are fit and have a flat stomach, order at the bottom of your size range.

What bullets can this vest protect against?

Our vest offers NIJ Level III A protection.  Level III A vests can protect against almost all handgun rounds. Level III A vests (ours included) are tested with bullets up to a .44 Magnum, which is a really powerful round. This vest will protect against smaller rounds as well. We are quite comfortable in saying that a class Level III A vest will protect you from almost any handgun you will encounter and certainly any handgun that someone conceals. Handgun violence makes up most of the shooting injuries in the US, so this bulletproof vest offers a great level of protection for you.

Easily Add Rifle Protection

A IIIA vest won’t protect against heavy rifle fire without added armor plates. That is why our Level III A vest has front and rear plate pockets and why we sell ballistic plates as well.

What are the dimensions of the bulletproof vest?

Our Level III A vest is 0.48 inches thick in most areas.  This includes the outer carrier.  Some areas, such as where velcro patches are present, are thicker, but the armor/carrier material combination is 0.48 inches.

Almost anyone can order a bulletproof vest from us.

Unless you are a convicted violent felon, you can legally order, own, and wear body armor and a Level III A bulletproof vest. The law does not limit your ability to be safe.  We ship Level III A vests to 49 states (not Connecticut, and not internationally). If you live in Connecticut, you are required to buy a your body armor and vest “in person” from one of our dealers.

Dimensions by Vest Size
Panel Width
Panel Height
Total protection area
Extra Small
3.39 lbs.
4.29 lbs.
4.66 lbs.
4.90 lbs.
Extra Large
5.16 lbs.
5.37 lbs.
6.12 lbs.
6.90 lbs.

Optional Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

Level III A Bulletproof vests are popular body armor for armored car personnel, police officers, security guards, ATM service technicians, repo men, investigators, pawn brokers, gas station attendants, avid shooters, hunters, preppers, and anyone else who wants to protect themselves from danger. No one wants to die at work, so people at risk buy BulletSafe Level III A Bulletproof Vests and other body armor.

Yes, so if you ever decide that you want protection from rifle rounds or heavier weaponry, you can add ballistic plates.We have a great plate at a great price as well and it fits perfectly in these pockets.  Our lightweight ceramic plates will fit in every size Level III A BulletSafe vest, while our Ultralight PE plates fit in Medium-4X BulletSafe Level 3 Vests.

You can order your Level III A vest right on this page and we will ship it out immediately from our warehouse in Troy, Michigan. It will arrive at your door quickly. You can also find BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests at these retailers. If you operate a retail store or chain of stores ad want to stock body armor, we are currently expanding the number of retailers that stock our vest. If you would like to sell BulletSafe vests or other body armor in your retail store, click this link and fill out the form, a wholesale sales representative will contact you.

The BulletSafe Level III A Vest features a coolmax rear liner and fully adjustable top and side straps.  These features make it more comfortable than many Level 3 bulletproof vests.  Still, Level III A bulletproof vests and body armor in general are not very comfortable and ours is no different.

Excellent product

I just got my New VP3 Vest today and I absolutely Love it. It is extremely light weight and very comfortable with maximum protection. I would absolutely recommend everyone getting one with out a doubt. I am glad I went with the VP3 instead of the Safelife. Also you will not find a better Vest that is NIJ Certified for the low price of 299.99, you just can't beat it. Thank you BulletSafe keep up the good work.

Brad Ritke
Exactly what I needed

I work security in Chicago. I have a hard plate level IV that weighs 20lbs and was looking for something lighter, yet still NIJ IIIa or more. This is great quality and didn’t break the bank. Came right away nicely packaged. It was ready to go right out of the box. I’m a female, and Med fits great! And it’s made in the USA. It’s sad that nowadays no-hassle experiences are hard to come by, but this was a pleasant no-hassle experience. Thumbs up!

Outstanding product

I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. The vest has excellent construction, is lightweight, and fits comfortably. The price for this quality is impossible to beat, and it was shipped and received lightning fast. Bonus points for being made in Texas.

Almost perfect

Have been wearing this vest for 4 months for daily 8-hour private security shifts. After the first few days of "break-in" it conformed perfectly to my body and is so comfortable that I forget I'm wearing it. I will never go on duty unprotected again. I like the side protection, compared to plates alone. I'm 6'3" and wish this came in a longer size, at leaast 1" longer. It can get warm if worn too tightly. I was on borderline between recommended sizes, and glad I chose larger. I wanted trauma pads to protect my spine, so added front and back Zoombang ballistic pads. Attached them behind the soft armor, inside the carrier, with a little adhesive to hold them in place. They actually help circulate air and make the vest cooler in warm environments.

F Johnson
Love my new vest

I am a Code Enforcement officer and I just received my new Bulletproof Vest VP3 Level IIIA - NIJ Certified love the way it fits.

Jason M
Top quality product, great value, great service!

I bought the VP3 armor vest, it's lightweight, has great coverage, it's everything that's advertised. It arrived super quickly. I got mine in in Small per the sizing chart, decided to exchange for Medium so the sides would overlap, sent it back and again the Medium arrived right away. Is it concealable? Well, more than most since it doesn't show panel lines, but for a medium sized man it really needs to be under a thick jacket or poncho (preferably with a hood, which helps hugely) to really conceal. Worn over clothes, it's professional looking and comfortable. The coverage is terrific, it's light and easy to put on, and can carry rifle plates. I'm very happy with it.

1st time customer and could not be more pleased!!

I have never even seen this company before but was browsing around for a vest. I am a larger male and had lots of trouble finding something that would fit me. I wasted about 900.00 bucks on a different plate carrier and plates that ended up not fitting at all. I just got my order today and the 4x fits so well!! I even told plates I already had and put them inside this vest to double up. Thank you so much, you have gained a customer for life!

John H
Extremely happy with the vest

I currently own BulletSafe's older style vest and just purchased the new VP3. I couldn't help getting one after seeing that it was NIJ certified, Made in USA, thinner, lighter and still at a sub-$300 price point. I was happy with the older vest, but the VP3 fixes all of the shortcomings that the previous model had. 10/10 would recommend.

My new favorite vest

I've been a customer of BulletSafe for years now and have always been happy with their products. I got my new VP3 vest this morning and they've really stepped their game up with this one. It is much more comfortable and even more concealable than my last vest. When I saw they had a US made and NIJ certified vest that was still only $300 I had to try it and I have to say it far exceeded my expectations.

William W
Best value on the market

I am a police officer in Texas. My agency was looking to purchase body armor for some of the new officers but due to budget restrictions they were only going to be able to afford 6 vests of another brand. The LE Team was amazing and answered all of our questions. Because of the value of this vest, we were able to outfit our entire department with brand new vest. You will not find another NIJ certified vest that is made in America for this price.

Best value on the market, extremely pleased

After having done research, it would be impossible to find a NIJ-certified vest on the market for a better price. Extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend to anyone looking for a quality bulletproof vest.

Solid Product

I work private security around Chicago area so having a vest is mandatory. This vest is NIJ certified, fits as expected, and shipping was extremely fast. Lets hope I never have to experience getting shot but I am VERY confident it will protect me if anything were to ever happen.

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