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A great way to have some bulletproof protection while looking as casual as you please, this bulletproof hoodie offers protection for upper the body, and does so without showing the world that you’re wearing protective gear. Front , back and sides protection.

Keep yourself protected without being obvious about it by wearing a hoodie with bulletproof protection included in its torso. The bulletproof part is adjustable to give you a slim, good fit, and the hoodie itself is casual and washable. This hoodie provides 3A level protection (pistol bullets up to Magnum .45), and its sizing is unisex.

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The hoodie is a classic. Its comfortable to wear, provides a good deal of warmth and cushioning, goes with a wide selection of other attire, and can be worn over nearly anything.

That makes the hoodie one of the most versatile and loved forms of clothing. It also means that wearing a bulletproof hoodie won’t make you stand out in a crowd. Designed to look like a standard piece of clothing, this lightweight bulletproof hoodie offers discreet and reliable protection you can count on.

Available in black, this hoodie goes with nearly any style you sport, perfectly complimenting everything from jeans to khakis. The lightweight design ensures that the bulletproof hoodie remains comfortable and keeps you mobile, without excessive weight or restrictions.

A sturdy zipper allows you to quickly take on or take off the hoodie without having to pull it over your head, keeping your field of vision unobstructed. Best yet, the hoodie comes with two integrated concealed pistol holders for those who opt to ‘carry’.

XS 30" - 32" | 76.2 - 81.3cm 24" - 26" | 61 - 66cm
S 34" - 36" | 86.4 - 91.4cm 28" - 30" | 71.1 - 76.2cm
M 38" - 40" | 96.5 - 102cm 32" - 34" | 81.3 - 86.4cm
L 42" - 44" | 107 - 112cm 36" - 38" | 91.4 - 96.5cm
XL 46" - 48" | 117 - 122cm 40" - 42" | 102 - 107cm
2XL 50" - 52" | 127 - 132cm 44" - 46" | 112 - 117cm
3XL 54" - 56" | 137 - 142cm 48" - 50" | 122 - 127cm
4XL 58" - 60" | 147 - 152cm 52" - 54" | 132 - 137cm


  • Level IIIA NIJ Rated Protection

  • Front, back, and side ballistic armor plates

  • 357 Magnum

  • 44 Magnum

  • 9mm

  • .45

  • hollow point ammunition and more


  • NIJ Standard rated Level IIIA protection

  • Bulletproof Head Protection: our patented, NIJ-IIIA panels discreetly protects the back and sides of your head. Pull it up when you need it, put it down when you don’t

  • Sizes Available: Small to 4XL

  • Colors Available: Black & Navy

  • Weight: 5.5 – 8.5 lbs

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: If you get shot with our hoodies on, we’ll send you a replacement hoodie FREE of charge. Just include the police report or news clip

  • Ballistic Material: UHMWPE – READ MORE

  • 3-inches of bulletproof panel overlap secured by velcro down the middle allows users to safely wear it zipped or unzipped

  • Full military-style torso protection, no Tetris-panels to ‘insert’ like low-end competitors

  • Adjustable velcro straps along shoulders and sides of torso for a true no-bulk, slim fit

  • Hoodie part: 85% Polyester / 15% Soft Cotton

  • Need to wash the adult bulletproof hoodie? Unzip the body armor from its torso casing and put the remaining armored hoodie into the washing machine

  • 100% USA Made, right in Los Angeles, CA

  • Shipping to the US & Canada, International inquiries must contact us

  • Meets NIJ IIIA standards to defend against 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 9mm, .45, hollow point ammunition and more

  • Provides the highest level of bulletproof protection currently available from concealable body armor.

Protective Materials-Soft Ballistic fabrics protection: Woven fabrics: polyetheline
Hoodie: 65% polyester 35% cotton
Protecting area: 0.32 cm2
Protection (NIJ 0101.04 Bullet): II-A(Certification)
Weight: approximately 2.3 kg / 5 pounds
Protection Thickness 4.3 mm / 0.17 inch


  • What Level of Protection Does the Men’s and Woman’s Bullet Proof Hoodie Offer?

    This unisex bulletproof hoodie has been tested, rated and passed to provide NIJ-IIIA level protection against 9mm, 10mm, 22mm, 44 Magnum, 45 caliber, 380mm, hollow point and other ammunition.

  • What is NIJ-IIIA?

    The United States National Institute of Justice (NIJ) has set forth performance standards for body armor to ensure users understand exactly what threats these products may protect them from.
    Level IIIA body armor offers the highest level of concealable protection currently available on the market, making it suitable for everyday wear.

  • What Proof is There That His Hoodie Stands Up to Ballistic Threats?

    Wonder Hoodie products are independently tested by an industry-leading U.S. ballistics lab. The results of which are published on their site.
    Further, the hoodie has been ‘live tested’ on the range by both law enforcement and others (videos can be seen on the Wonder Hoodie Site).

  • What Parts of the Body Does the Ballistic-Proof Clothing Protect?

    The Wonder Hoodie has been meticulously designed to offer NIJ-IIIA rated protection 360° around the torso. When the hood is used, protection extends to the sides of the face, back of the head, and back of the neck. Further, the clothing utilizes proprietary, double-layered, stab-resistant fabric across the front, back, sides, arms and hood.

  • Do the Sleeves Have Bulletproof Protection?

    The sleeves do not have integrated body armor panels and are not protected against ballistics. However, they do utilize double-layered stab-resistant fabric. This setup allows the wearer optimal flexibility and reduced arm fatigue while still providing a good degree of protection.

  • Won’t the Impact from a Bullet to the Head Kill you Even with the Hood Up?

    The result of a headshot protected by the hood of this item will vary widely, and is dependent on factors such as the trajectory angle, type of ammunition used, type of gun, the distance from which the round was fired, and more.

    While Wonder Hoodie doesn’t guarantee that it can save any individual’s life from a headshot, it opted to go the extra mile, adding protection to what is one of the most vital and susceptible parts of our body, giving the wearer the best chance of survival.

  • Is the Bulletproof Hoodie Capable of Protecting Against Knives? Is it Stabproof?

    The clothing’s panels protect against cross-body knife slashes and medium-force jabs or jabs with larger tipped blades (greater surface area distribution of puncture force). However, woven fabric is susceptible to piercing by small-tipped knives and sharp items such as an icepick.

  • Is it Legal for Civilians to Purchase, Own and Wear Body Armor?

    For the most part, yes. However, each state has some nuances worth noting, and some scenarios and situations when wearing body armor might be illegal.
    For more information, please see our GUIDE here.

  • What is the Average Lifespan of the Body Armor Hoodie?

    The bulletproof material used in these hoodies is rated to last up to seven years.

  • What is the Lifetime Warranty?

    In the (unfortunate) event that you get shot while wearing the Wonder Hoodie product, and this happens within the 7-year warranty, the company has said they will replace the product at NO CHARGE. The only proof necessary is a legitimate news clipping or police report for proof.

  • Does Wonder Hoodie Replace the Body Armor After Seven Years for FREE?

    No. Similar to competitor products, body armor has a natural lifespan, after which replacement is required to maintain its protective rating.

  • Does the Clothing Run Big?

    The hoodie with protective bulletproof plates is ‘unisex’. However, women should order one size down for a properly snug (but not tight) fit. Men should order the normal size they regularly wear.
    For a perfect fit, the company provides a sizing chart to accommodate a wide range of body measurements.

  • Are There Any Other Sizes Available?

    According to Wonder Hoodie, they intend to launch a 5XL by the end of 2021.

  • Are There Any Other Colors Available?

    The company has noted that they are working on two additional colors to be announced by the end of 2021. For those who already own a Wonder Hoodie, the ‘shell’ can be swapped out for new colors in the future, adding to the product’s versatility.

  • Can This Product Be Ordered Without the Logo?

    By default, the bulletproof hoodie comes WITHOUT the logo, adding to the product’s discreetness.

  • Can This Product be Used in Humid, Hot or Cold Climates?

    The bulletproof used in this product is engineered to withstand a wide range of temperatures and climates. It should perform to standard so long as the bulletproof itself is not exposed to water or direct sunlight, both of which can cause the material’s performance to degrade over time.

  • I’m Located Internationally. Can This Product Be Shipped to Me?

    The Wonder Hoodie can be shipped internationally. However, they must confirm that purchasing and owning body armor is legal in your jurisdiction prior to selling to you. There may also be additional shipping charges associated with international sales.

  • How Much Does International Shipping Cost?

    Where available, the Wonder Hoodie can be shipped internationally for a flat rate of $75.

  • What Payment Methods Does the Site Accept?

    Most major credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and ‘Shop Pay’ installments.

  • What if The Item is Defective, Can I Get it Replaced?

    The company that makes this Bullet Proof Hoodie stands by its products, offering a fair return policy. Customers must contact the company per the terms at: https://wonderhoodie.com/policies/refund-policy within two business days of receiving the item.

  • My Bulletproof Hoodie Doesn’t Fit. Can I exchange it for a different size?

    Simply contact the company within two business days, per the terms available at: https://wonderhoodie.com/policies/refund-policy

will purchase again

Received the package yesterday, thank you, Very nice item, will purchase again, once I Save a few more pennies.

Peter C
Law abiding citizen not a police impersonator wonder hoodie is my answer.

While it is legal to conceal carry and wear a bullet resistant vest to work and back home through dangerous roads. I do not ever want to put myself in a situation where police and or my employer question what I am wearing and why I am wearing it. I am not a POLICE IMPERSONATOR I respect POLICE That is where wonder hoodie became the answer if it can stop one bullet or slow down a hailstorm of bullets while I get away from a bad guy is all I ask. With my experience of Conceal carry all I wish to do is avoid problems and if God forbid I would be shot at while driving I would not ever want to shoot back because what is beyond the target is unknown. With wonder hoodie I feel confident that I can get away from the bad guy. In the past i had tried to sew in bullet resistant panels from my tactical police looking vest into a jean Jacket but there is no way that i would be able to have it open the way that you guys designed these wonder hoodies or your cool looking jean jacket. Keep up the great work. Hoping that you may sell replacement hoodies carrier hoodie I would pay up to $150 for the hoodie carrier but its up to you? i am going to wear mine every day and hope to wear it out then i guess I will just buy a whole new one. Did I tell You that I love my Wonder Hoodie! ‘Pictured is a crazed driver that sideswiped my new vehicle Police report was made thankfully he did not shoot at me. Not road raged related.


Must say a huge thinks to the guys, received my hoodie today in Donegal ( Ireland ) . Top quality, fits perfect. So happy I have just placed another order today for my son. Definitely recommend them.

J Mcdaid
if I could give the company 10 I would!

WonderHoodie the company and WonderHoodie the product get five stars from me; if I could give the company 10 I would! I ordered a Wonder Hoodie for my husband in September 2020 as a Christmas gift, but a ton of things happened to prevent delivery for Christmas including Wonder Hoodie staff/seamstresses contracting Covid, and limited operating capabilities of the company due to state restrictions of how they could function during the pandemic. After all that, the hoodie did ship after Christmas, which was a bummer, but out of anyone’s control…..and then UPS lost the package!!! Yes!! The WonderHoodie team immediately placed a claim with UPS as soon as I notified them that I had not received my package 2 weeks after shipping, and that UPS had told me the package was lost. So now, here I am, out $675 and my husband still did not have the gift I had promised him…. Wonder Hoodie sent me another hoodie (via FedEx lol) even though they were only obligated to refund me what UPS was going to pay them for the lost package claim which was only $100. My husband finally has his Christmas present, and it’s a high quality product that he loves. This company is stellar, and the customer service cannot be beaten. Any time I requested an update on shipping, I got a detailed email return. Questions about UPS claim? Answered in full. This was months, y’all, that I was constantly kept up to date by polite, patient, and informative staff. It felt personal. Sam, thanks for sticking with me through this whole process-the hoodie was worth the wait.

Staci S
truly amazing

You guys are truly amazing. Wonder Hoodie was not only customer friendly, but genuinely sincere in their understanding: especially during these trying times. You guys at Wonder Hoodie made us an extension of your family: ensuring we were well taken care of. Thank you guys again for everything!!!

thanks again

Wonder Hoodie, I finally had the opportunity to to wear your hoodie out in public. The attached photo was taken as I was walking from HEB, my local grocery store, to my truck. As I browsed through the HEB, I looked closely to see what reaction I received, if any, from employees and/or other customers. I have to say that I am not only pleased with this innovative design, I’m quite impressed by it. It was definitely worth the wait.

the sweetest folks, great products

can you tell i’m a fan from my pic LOL? i have gotten 5 of their products so far for different memebrs of my family including their new stabproof hoodie (top left). we’ve all been happy – my son wears the stabproof everyday i think. the folks running are also super sweet. the black hoodie was for a bday gift and with covid it wouldn’t come in time, so they sent us a handwritten birthday giftcard saying that it was purchased but is in production AND a starbucks giftcard. Nice folks.. would recommend highly

Mabel B.
Thank you!

Thank you! I received the black one today. Very much like the quality of construction!

Brad B
we are very appreciate to have them

We have 6 wonder hoodies here for my family and we are very appreciate to have them as a “safety blanket” literally and figuratively Esp given some of the dynamics happening in the country today (recognizing most of which are very positive and long overdue).

Good customer service

Good customer service. Sam’s great and helped me exchange an adult S for an XS. I want to share that Wonder Hoodie is one of the few companies out there that lets you return/exchange your products if it doesn’t fit for you. I checked around and many companies do not returns.

Alice N
Nice guys, good company

Finally got the medium black hoodie within 3 weeks of placing the order (12/2). At first I thought it was a little big around the waist, so I called them to see if I could exchange it for a small. Sam was super helpful and helped me realize that the hoodie had adjustable straps around the torso and on the shoulders. Nice guys, good company.

Zhen S
Overall, pretty solid product

I received my wonder hoodie a few months ago. I am pretty impressed with the design which makes wearing it just look like wearing a regular hoodie. I haven’t tested it with real guns, but I got some friends to test it by punching me. The hoodie was pretty effective in absorbing the punch – I can barely feel anything from their punch. Overall, pretty solid product. I feel quite safe wearing it and taking a walk around at night.

Aaron L
I’m happy

Update to Review: I ordered a large black hoodie and was really surprised to see it being shipped in a day. I think they just have some sizes on hand and others are sold out and have to be made. I just wanted to help out, since it seems a lot of their reviews have been due to shipping and long wait times. I’d be mad too, but am pretty happy with my experience. Just my two cents. Also, the hoodie is what I’m seeing on their website, so I’m happy.

Bryan C
I’m happy

Thank you for the quick response! There is no rush for me, but it will give me a lot of peace mind to just have it (bulletproof hoodie) in my car when I drive around or when I walk to my apartment from the lot.

C Tran
hoodie really helped

The hoodie really helped with his PTSD from the event. You never know WHY someone is ordering your product. I just wanted to let you know that it made a big difference to an 18 year old young man who is also a husband and father.

Maureen A
such a cool product

I promised you guys I’d write review if I made it past TSA precheck with my bulletproof hoodie on. Well, here it goes: I MADE IT TO FRANCE WITH IT ON and it took my buddy two days to notice I had it on. Thanks for making such a cool product, Wonder Hoodie.

it does not feel heavy

Thank you for answering all my questions! I had so much fear of going into public spaces like movie theaters before. Having your hoodie on gives me comfort. I’m a 115 lb, 5’2 ft woman and I wear an XS adult hoodie fine. When you pick it up with one hand it feels heavy but when you put it on, it does not feel heavy.

Deborah A
A kickass product!

A kickass product! Light, can’t even feel it. Too afraid to shoot my head at the moment but maybe one day LOL

Eric T
makes me feel safe and confident

Almost every friend of mine wants to try it on. It is fun, makes me feel safe and confident… I don’t need a suitcase when I travel to foreign countries, but I will bring my bulletproof hoodies.

Aaron L
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