Lightweight Bulletproof Hoodie Level IIIA (3A)Protection


A great way to have some bulletproof protection while looking as casual as you please, this bulletproof hoodie offers protection for upper the body, and does so without showing the world that you’re wearing protective gear. Front , back and sides protection.

Keep yourself protected without being obvious about it by wearing a hoodie with bulletproof protection included in its torso. The bulletproof part is adjustable to give you a slim, good fit, and the hoodie itself is casual and washable. This hoodie provides 3A level protection (pistol bullets up to Magnum .45), and its sizing is unisex.


Who doesn’t love a good hoodie? Ideal for use in the cooler spring, fall, and winter months, the hoodie is a common and beloved clothing item.

But what if that same hoodie could protect you from unknown threats and ballistic attacks? No longer the stuff of science fiction, today, feats of modern engineering now make it possible to equip everyday clothing with protective ballistic shields and body armor capable of keeping you safe no matter what life puts on your path.

Expertly designed to conceal any indication of body armor, this bulletproof hoodie offers genuine Level IIIA NIJ standard protection from an assortment of small arms, knife slashes, and even shrapnel from nearby blasts.

Engineered to be lightweight and flexible, this hoodie offers outstanding protection without sacrificing mobility and movement, allowing you to move freely and quickly if need be.

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Protection Rating:

  • Level IIIA Certified

  • .357 SIG

  • .44 Magnum

  • 7H21

  • 10mm Auto

  • And protection from all threats Level I, IIA, and II are capable of stopping

Protective Materials-Soft Ballistic fabrics protection:Woven fabrics: polyetheline
Hoodie: 65% polyester 35% cotton
Protecting area:0.32 cm2
Protection (NIJ 0101.04 Bullet):II-A(Certification)
Weight:approximately 2.3 kg / 5 pounds
Protection Thickness4.3 mm / 0.17 inch
Hoodie 3A

Product Specifications and Details

Frequently Asked Questions About The
Bullet Proof Hoodie

This unisex bulletproof hoodie has been tested, rated and passed to provide NIJ-IIIA level protection against 9mm, 10mm, 22mm, 44 Magnum, 45 caliber, 380mm, hollow point and other ammunition.

The United States National Institute of Justice (NIJ) has set forth performance standards for body armor to ensure users understand exactly what threats these products may protect them from.
Level IIIA body armor offers the highest level of concealable protection currently available on the market, making it suitable for everyday wear.

Wonder Hoodie products are independently tested by an industry-leading U.S. ballistics lab. The results of which are published on their site.
Further, the hoodie has been ‘live tested’ on the range by both law enforcement and others (videos can be seen on the Wonder Hoodie Site).

The Wonder Hoodie has been meticulously designed to offer NIJ-IIIA rated protection 360° around the torso. When the hood is used, protection extends to the sides of the face, back of the head, and back of the neck. Further, the clothing utilizes proprietary, double-layered, stab-resistant fabric across the front, back, sides, arms and hood.

The sleeves do not have integrated body armor panels and are not protected against ballistics. However, they do utilize double-layered stab-resistant fabric. This setup allows the wearer optimal flexibility and reduced arm fatigue while still providing a good degree of protection.

The result of a headshot protected by the hood of this item will vary widely, and is dependent on factors such as the trajectory angle, type of ammunition used, type of gun, the distance from which the round was fired, and more.

While Wonder Hoodie doesn’t guarantee that it can save any individual’s life from a headshot, it opted to go the extra mile, adding protection to what is one of the most vital and susceptible parts of our body, giving the wearer the best chance of survival.

The clothing’s panels protect against cross-body knife slashes and medium-force jabs or jabs with larger tipped blades (greater surface area distribution of puncture force). However, Kevlar’s woven fabric is susceptible to piercing by small-tipped knives and sharp items such as an icepick.

For the most part, yes. However, each state has some nuances worth noting, and some scenarios and situations when wearing body armor might be illegal.
For more information, please see our GUIDE here.

The Kevlar material used in these hoodies is rated to last up to seven years.

In the (unfortunate) event that you get shot while wearing the Wonder Hoodie product, and this happens within the 7-year warranty, the company has said they will replace the product at NO CHARGE. The only proof necessary is a legitimate news clipping or police report for proof.

No. Similar to competitor products, body armor has a natural lifespan, after which replacement is required to maintain its protective rating.

The hoodie with protective bulletproof plates is ‘unisex’. However, women should order one size down for a properly snug (but not tight) fit. Men should order the normal size they regularly wear.
For a perfect fit, the company provides a sizing chart to accommodate a wide range of body measurements.

According to Wonder Hoodie, they intend to launch a 5XL by the end of 2021.

The company has noted that they are working on two additional colors to be announced by the end of 2021. For those who already own a Wonder Hoodie, the ‘shell’ can be swapped out for new colors in the future, adding to the product’s versatility.

By default, the bulletproof hoodie comes WITHOUT the logo, adding to the product’s discreetness.

The Kevlar used in this product is engineered to withstand a wide range of temperatures and climates. It should perform to standard so long as the Kevlar itself is not exposed to water or direct sunlight, both of which can cause the material’s performance to degrade over time.

The Wonder Hoodie can be shipped internationally. However, they must confirm that purchasing and owning body armor is legal in your jurisdiction prior to selling to you. There may also be additional shipping charges associated with international sales.

Where available, the Wonder Hoodie can be shipped internationally for a flat rate of $75.

Most major credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and ‘Shop Pay’ installments.

The company that makes this Bullet Proof Hoodie stands by its products, offering a fair return policy. Customers must contact the company per the terms at: within two business days of receiving the item.

Simply contact the company within two business days, per the terms available at:

quality craftsmanship and design

The quality,craftsmanship and design of this unassuming garment is superb! This is a must have for business executives or researchers who must frequent high risk high crime areas. Any level of law enforcement or private security that works undercover its a must have.

Drake J.
good feel the comfort

I wish the hood had kevlar as well. I wear XL shirts, but the jacket i ordered is a 2XL. It fits like a glove. It was snug around the waist, and arms. It has a good feel the comfort level 10 out of 10. I would consider a 3XL if i had armor on. I would say make sure its the right size for you. Other than that it is a worm hoodie for 50° to about 25° anything less i would add a layer. I guess i will live as long as its not a slice to my neck. Let me know if you get kevlar hooded hoodie.

Andrew N.
Lightweight and made well!

Lightweight and made well!

truly amazing

Received it...! Okay...!?! The real test if it saves my life. With my oil canvas 22oz. Aramid rain poncho I should be reasonable safe. Campbell River , Canada

totally high quality

This is some top notch gear, it's totally high quality and also looks casual. I love that I can add panels too. I wear it on my way to and from work walking through a less than ideal neighborhood.

Brandi S
feel confident and safe

I got this for my teen to wear to school, and it's made him feel confident and safe and still normal. Perfect idea for bulletproof outerwear.

Neil T
bulletproof hoodie

I love my new bulletproof hoodie, it's the safest I've felt in a long while and so far nobody seems to have noticed at all that it's anything but an ordinary sweatshirt.

Leland M
Very pleased.

Very pleased.

Mary B.
well made

I haven't been shot in it yet, so I"ll adjust my rating up or down when I see how that works out for me. Seems, initially, to be well made and about as comfortable as one can reasonably expect. Lacks head protection however- not a plus. Will work for random 'lunatic firing wildly into crowd' mass shootings, but not so good if you are specifically targeted. Kind of like a broad spectrum antibiotic for bullets.

John C.
Great service

Great service. Look forward to making future purchases.

Christopher H.
absolutely awesome

It’s absolutely awesome and well worth the price The tactical Velcro placement for accessories is very well thought out and I really have no complaints The 2XL actually fits like a baggy 2XL should on a man of my frame m(6’0”- 145lb) shipping time was more than acceptable from Israel to midwestern US. Wish that the hood and a crown insert but it’s not a super hard mod to sew yourself If you want one there...

Carrie L.
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