Bulletproof Hoodie

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In modern times, just going out your front door can be dangerous business. At Bulletproof Supply Store we are aiming to provide products with superior self-protection from knives and guns mainstream.

This industry-leading hoodie is comfortable, stylish, and most importantly, engineered to provide superior protection from those that would do you or your loved one’s harm.

Featuring IIIA rated bulletproof protection, this hoodie is capable of offering safety from knife and ballistic threats made to the head and body.


Superior Head Protection

Your head is one of the most susceptible and fragile parts of your body, with even minor injuries often having devastating consequences. Rated to NIJ-IIIA standards, these hoodies offer head and body protection that rivals that of soft body armor. Capable of protection from a .44 magnum, knife slashes and more.

Bullet Proof Clothing that is Wearable and Discreet

We all want to feel protected from the threats we face on the day to day. But wearing a cumbersome, awkward and visually obvious bulletproof vest around all day isn’t exactly realistic. These hoodies are designed to ‘blend in’, and are virtually undetectable to anyone who isn’t in the know. This means you can discreetly protect you and your loved ones, without judgmental eyes or having a target on your literal back.

Quality Without Sacrifice

Using industry-leading best practices and manufacturing processes, combined with field-tested and officially rated ballistics materials, this bullet proof clothing line that performed without fail, while still being highly accessible and affordable.


Protective gear and clothing has long been out of reach for many consumers, with high price tags and production costs making self-protection cost-prohibitive. That ends now. At the Bulletproof Supply Store we’ve worked relentlessly to find ways to provide the highest quality protective wear that won’t break the bank.


If its not comfortable, you won’t wear it. Simple as that. When these hoodies were designed it was a priority to meld performance with wearability, taking painstaking effort to ensure the fabric was light, durable, easy to wash/maintain, and most of all, that it felt good to wear.