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Riot Ready Riot Helmet

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Our Riot Riot Helmet offers head and protection while providing optical clarity and hearing ability that allows you to accurate assess risk.  The Riot helmet is effective, protective, and affordable. It ensures that anyone who wants protection can get it.

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Suit up with the Riot Riot Helmet and experience the comfort, maneuverability, breathability and safety of a battle-tested and ‘ready for action’ helmet that you can count on.
Offering broad coverage of soft bodily targets on the head, neck, and face, this riot helmet provides ample protection while offering a high degree of optical clarity, and the ability to hear your compatriots over the roar of gunfire, shouting, or other goings-on.

Get ‘riot ready’ with the RiotReady helmet, a feat of protective engineering designed to withstand significant impacts and keep on kicking.

Effective. Protective. Affordable




No matter your profession, or hobby, the RiotReady Helmet is ready to be put to task. From police officers to municipal guards, preppers, security guards, airsoft players and outdoorsmen, this helmet is as versatile as it is capable.

While traditional tactical headgear often puts ownership well out of reach of the average consumer, costing upwards of hundreds of dollars per piece, this riot helmet bucks the trend.

Increased demand amid the growing unrest in the US and around the world, coupled with strategic sourcing of materials and efficient operations have enabled the creator of RiotReady to provide an accessible, affordable riot helmet that won’t break the bank, or your head.


The world we live in is a much more dangerous place than it once was. Being prepared for such dangers is the responsibility of each and every one of us. When the proverbial SHTF, you want to know that you, your family, your team and/or your compatriots are well-prepared and outfitted with reliable equipment that will hold up when times get tough.

Tactical riot helmets rank among the ‘must have’ items for those on the front lines or who wish to be ready to defend themselves and others if the need arises. From urban unrest to dangerous crowd control, these helmets will get the job done right.

With a focus on durability, comfort and adaptability, the RiotReady offers many advantages to its wearer.



Removable Neck Guard Riot Helmet

The neck is a soft target often neglected by many types of helmet designs. But not with the RiotReady. This helmet features impressive protective coverage of the neck on the sides and rear, extending down past the neck with an additional flap for added protection of the upper back.

Impact Resistant

Made from high strength polycarbonate, this helmet is uniquely engineered to take significant blunt force impact, redistributing the energy throughout it’s frame and protecting the wearer from harm. This type of design is ideal for protection against thrown items such as bricks or rocks, projectiles (not bulletproof), and swung objects such as bats, batons or steel pipes.

Lightweight and Maneuverable

In the heat of action, the last thing you need is for your gear to weigh you down. When your adrenaline is pumping, every ounce matters. That’s why special care was taken to balance weight vs. strength and durability with this helmet. Coming in at just 3.9 lbs., this helmet is comfortable and maneuverable without sacrificing safety and protection.

Adjustable Internal Suspension System

Gear, from gloves and pads, to helmets needs to be properly fit in order to provide adequate protection while enabling the wearer to actually function in the gear without it getting in the way. But ordering a custom-fitted unit for each friend, family member, or member of your unit can be cost-prohibitive. With the RiotReady you can rest easy, knowing that every head it goes on will fit like a glove. The RiotReady features a proprietary adjustable internal suspension system, ensuring a snug but not too tight fit ranging from ‘Small-XXL’.

Face Shield – This model utilizes an adjustable face shield made from optically clear, impact-resistant, high-strength polycarbonate, providing the wearer with enhanced viewability while still protecting the wearer’s face. The shield is held in place by a strong pivot mechanism that is built to take abuse. This riot helmet offers protection beyond what a tactical or motorcycle helmet provides.

Removable Neck Guard – This helmet design features a removable neck guard, in addition to a rear deflector lip that is molded into the design. This deflector lip causes swung or thrown objects to ricochet away from the wearer’s neck. This is another feature you will not find on a motorcycle or ballistic helmet.


From recreational and outdoor activities, to tactical and defensive considerations, the riot helmet is a ‘must have’ essential piece of equipment for the modern warrior, frontline responder, law enforcement or security professional and more.
Experience the RiotReady difference and find out why so many individuals put their safety and protection in the trusting hands of this riot helmet.


Then the other day, it snowed pretty good. We usually draw straws or something to see who has to run the snow blower around the station. I drew short straw. It’s a crappy job and the snow was getting in my face. So what did I do, I pulled out the old riot helmet. It was perfect. You should folks should sell them for this.

Ha ha ha! Thanks for the tip. It is good to know that these helmets can be used for other things.

Officer Clownenstein
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