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Stab Proof SWX “Patrol” Gloves


Give your hands the protection they need with industry-leading ‘patrol’ gloves boasting unparalleled protection against edged weapons…all without sacrificing dexterity.

Accidental self-injury from knives and blades happens to around 2 million people in the United States each year. But that’s not the only threat. Nearly 62,000 knife or blade-related assaults were reported in 2020 alone (USA).

If you work in a role where you’re at a higher risk of injury or attack, these gloves are for you. Ideal for handling sharp objects or working in professions with a high risk of injury.

The Stab Proof SWX Patrol Glove offers best in class protection when handling edged weapons (knives, scissors and box cutters).


Unbeatable Protection gloves

Your hands are an often overlooked but vital body part to protect in any situation. For those who work in harsh environments (such as outdoors), in the field, on the front line, in high-risk areas or even in construction, these gloves offer unmatched protection against sharp objects, blades and abrasion.

Stab Proof Gloves with Dexterity and Maneuverability

One complaint often cited by those who skimp out on hand protection is that gloves reduce their dexterity, especially when dealing with actions such as: pulling triggers, handing car keys, patting down criminals, or rappelling down a fast rope.

The Stab Proof SWX Glove has been engineered to blend maneuverability, tactile response and dexterity without sacrificing protective capability.

Did we mention the single layer SWX™ material makes these gloves touchscreen compatible at the fingertips?

Ideal for Self-Defense and Tactical Situations

If you’ve ever been attacked with an edged weapon, you know how important it is to have protection on your hands. When wearing these gloves, you gain confidence and additional options for defusing the situation, unarming your assailant, and defending against attacks without sustaining bodily harm.

Safe and Secure Fit gloves

High-grade Velcro straps securely wrap around the wearer’s wrist, forming a snug, but not uncomfortably tight fit that instils confidence, on the street, in the field and even when underwater.

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Knife and Stab Proof Protection Glove Features

  • ASTM Tested for fire resistance

  • Trademarked SWX™ fabric

  • Textured glove grip for superior handling

  • Flexible fabric at key joints for enhanced dexterity

  • Touchscreen

    capable fingertips

  • Circular cut rated 2/5

  • Abrasion rated 2/4

  • Straight cut rated Level B

  • Puncture rated 3+ out of 4

  • Tear rated 4/4

Incredibly versatile, these light operator patrol gloves are form-fitting, durable, easy to wash and maintain, offer ample dexterity and superior protection from anything life throws at them. Protect one of your best personal assets, your hands, with best in class protective gloves battle-tested to outperform the competition and keep you one step ahead of threats.

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