ARAK Bulletproof Shield

This is the BulletSafe ARAK Bulletproof Shield.  It is called the ARAK shield because it offers NIJ Level III protection, so it stops bullets from AR-15’s and AK-47s. If you might need to stop bullets from an AR-15 or AK-47 this is the bulletproof shield for you.

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This is the BulletSafe ARAK Bulletproof Shield.  It is called the ARAK shield because it offers NIJ Level III protection, so it stops bullets from AR-15's and AK-47s. Since we introduced our other bulletproof shield, people have been asking us if we would introduce a shield that stops rifle bullets.  This is that product.  So if you might need to stop bullets from an AR-15 or AK-47 (and even .30 caliber rifle rounds), this is the bulletproof shield for you.


Because the ARAK Shield is from BulletSafe, it stops these rifle bullets for a great price. BulletSafe always delivers great value and the BulletSafe ARAK Bulletproof Shield continues this tradition.  It offers level III protection, ultra-light weight (just 11.2 lbs), and the best price in the business.

The BulletSafe ARAK Bulletproof Shield Summarized:

  • NIJ Level III (3) protection - Stops AR-15/AK-47 Rifles
  • Ultralight Weight - 11.2 lbs.
  • Great Price! - $749
  • 345 Square Inches (15" Wide, 23" Tall)
  • Material - Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW PE)

There are very few ultralight, level III shields available today.  The materials used in these shields are too expensive for other manufacturers to offer at a reasonable price.  But BulletSafe sells a large volume of ultralight plates and thus buys Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene in large volumes.  So when we make a shield out of that same material, it is less expensive than anyone else's.

The BulletSafe ARAK shield offers a 15" x 23" (345 square inch) protection area for such a low price. This price allows police departments and individuals access to this protection. This is the right value for police departments, SWAT teams, College Campus Police, Armored Car Companies, School Safety, even hunters and doomsday preppers.

Modern Sporting Rifles like the AR-15 are widely available, and the most popular rifles sold in the USA today.  If you need protection from these weapons, then the BulletSafe ARAK Shield is the right choice. It is perfect if you are facing a potential active shooter situation.

Bulletproof shields are useful when the threat of being shot is highest or when you need to protect more than just yourself. Officers can use a ballistic shield to knock on bad guys’ doors or to shield bystanders from a dangerous situation. Individuals can use a bulletproof shield to protect themselves and others in panic situations.

The Bulletsafe ARAK Bulletproof Shield is available in a right-handed configuration. It is possible to use the shield if you are left-handed by turning it sideways. We do not dislike left-handed people, we merely seek the lowest possible cost and understand that lefties probably won't be too upset that their shield is sideways as long as it protects them in an emergency.

The BulletSafe ARAK Bulletproof Shield carries a 5 year ballistic warranty.  This warranty starts at the date of purchase and when the shield is removed from its original packaging and continues until 5 years from that date.

By offering ballistic protection to more people, BulletSafe is saving the lives of school safety officers, security guards, police officers, and anyone else who needs to be safe from bullets.

Customer Reviews
This thing is a stud
Officer Stuyvesant

We looked at shields from Second Change to stop assault rifles. They had some, but they were either so heavy they needed wheels! or they were so expensive we could only afford 2 of them. For the same price as 2 of their shields we outfitted 7 guys.

Super Light.
D. Shulte

Man, I cannot believe how light this shield is. My department already had a level 3 shield and wanted one more. We ordered this one thinking it would be the same. Honestly, we ordered it because it wsa a good price. When it arrived we realized that it must weigh like 1/5th what the other one does. The other one has wheels on it because it so heavy. This one is so light you can just fling it around.

We are really proud of this shield
Tom BulletSafe

Hi Everyone, this is Tom at BulletSafe. I’m giving this product its first review because we are really, really proud of it. Two years ago we introduced our first bulletproof shield and it has been a great success, but person after person has asked us for a rifle shield. When we looked at what every other company was doing with their rifle shields, we weren’t impressed. Their shields were either super heavy, because they were made from steel or ceramic materials or they were incredibly expensive, $3,000 for this size and weight shield seemed to be the minimum price.

We have been making an ultralight plates for some time now and each year our price for them has decreased. We decided to make a shield using these same materials and techniques and it looks great. It is lightweight, affordable, and stops all of the assault rifles you’ll want to stop. We’ve showed the prototypes at a few industry trade shows and the reaction has been great. We are really excited to offer you the best value in ballistic shields. I give it 5 stars.