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First Responder Military Tactical Backpack + Level IIIa Bulletproof Armor Plate Package

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A combination you’ll never want to leave home, work or the field without. Engineered to be put on in a moment’s notice, the First Responder has no complicated straps or buckles and it will fit any size waist instantly. This means you can leave it in your vehicle, office, classroom or home and anyone can grab it, put it on and GO. Level IIIA Ballistic Shield.

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  • Patented deployment (U.S. Patent 11181343) gives you instant front and back protection (no searching for the rip cords behind your back)

  • 100% TRUE Concealment Chamber prevents prying eyes from knowing you’re prepared for anything

  • 40L Cargo Capacity

  • Fail Safe Deployment

  • Rapid Deploy Belt – fits ANY waist size instantly.

  • Slash-Proof, Waterproof and Stab-Resistant 1680 Denier Nylon

  • M.O.L.L.E. Carrier System.

  • Accepts 11 x 14 inch front and 16 x 12 inch rear soft armor panels

  • Stay-Put Armor System Secures front protection (no fumbling with awkward straps or flaps)

  • Accepts two 10 x 12 x 1 inch light weight hard armor rifle plates

  • Will fit largest laptops

  • TSA Compliant and 50 State Legal

  • Velcro Rocker for Morale Patches or Agency Indicator

When combined with the Lightweight Removable Bulletproof Insert (included with your purchase), this tactical bulletproof backpack elevates from a well-designed ruck pack to a self-defense tool that is discrete and effective.
Never leave home or work unprotected again.

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I purchased both the Switchblade and the First Responder. The Switchback is the smaller of the two. What I would call a “day pack”. I got the grey color as less attention getting. The bag seems well made and durable. The 3A armor loads easily and I had no problems deploying. Several pockets that can hold a laptop and other everyday items. I can recommend and glad I purchased. The only slight compliant is the Velcro on the waist belt doesn’t meet the carrier (on me at least), but this is minor The carrier still stays put pretty well. The First Responder is aptly named. A larger bag that will hold the gear needed for an emergency response. Quick to don and the Velco waist belt holds the armor securely in place. The Level 3 armor is a bit more cumbersome than the 3A but I managed to deploy easily after the first 1-2 attempts. In all, I am pleased with both bags and glad I purchased. I can recommend without reservation.


Love it nice and easy and convenient l don’t leave home without it now that I got it Thank you planning to buy another one soon for my daughter and Son

Great Bag Use it Every Day!!

I bought the first responder and am using it daily! I have used body armor before in a hot environment I ended up using it only at night, but this bag I can hang it to the back of front passenger seat protecting the passenger and put it on dismounting daily no one is the wiser. I cannot be happier it is perfect. As an addition you can add rifle plates on top of the llla soft panels as needed. The front chest plate has molly which converts to a range rig and range bag for a large pistol or pdw. Very happy with it a great tool for protection anywhere. God Bless – Pierre

Great Bag Great Company

I really like the design and peace of mind. Thank you for quick turnaround and your good communication during the exchange. I will highly recommend your business to anyone.

Thank You, Jack Hamilton

Jack Hamilton
Small Price to Pay for Safety...

My boys feel safer and have no issues with their new protective backpacks. The weight is more than they expected, but since they dont have to carry books anymore in lieu of a laptop, it all balanced out. A small price to pay for safety.

D McKeever
Different Times

The concept is outstanding and really like that you can use different sizes of soft armor. The pack is comfortable, spacious, and sturdy enough for the job. There are other packs out there; but this pack is the most innovative. Recommended.

Ed Chavez
Good Pack

Bought this for my daughter for High School. I was surprised at the weight of the plates. They are very light. Setup was fairly easy. So far my daughter has no complaints but she has only been carrying it for 3 school days.

Dennis Kurian
Small small price for peace of mind

I’m a grandpa just trying to cover base here for the kids; product is great – I especially like the durability of the construction. Discrete and to the point. One less worry in a time full of worries.

Marc H.
A Practical gift for unpractical times.

This is a Christmas gift, so he won’t see it til then, but being young in this crazy world, another layer of security gives us both piece of mind, Its not that heavy to fit into his current backpack.

Ann M.
Simply awesome!

First Responder is such a practical , well developed product with attention to detail such as the magnetic closures. Ample room for storage and comfortable when fully deployed. Great job!

Ken, A.
Great customer service!

I live in a condo and somehow when filling out the address info on my order the unit number did not autofill as it usually does so my order was sent back. I reached out to customer service and Greg was super helpful in getting the address updated and sent me the package again without charging me for the additional shipping. Thanks again Greg!

Marlena C.
Next Level Bug Out Bag

This took my bug out bag to the next level. Rifle plates, extra ammo and a few other essentials for when the SHTF. Plus it’s tough as nails.

Frank B.
The Real Deal

This backpack is the real deal. I was impressed with the quality, very solid construction and tons of space for gym clothes, laptop. I have been wearing it all the time.

Keith C.
I Love This Thing!

I have to tell you – I love showing this thing off. The guys at the range love it…I should have bought 10 more! It took a little while to get, but was definitely worth the wait.

Steve J.
Taking it to College

I got one for school and I love it. I can carry my computer and much more. I’m really glad I have it because you never know.

David S.
Perfect Travel Bag

I travel a lot for work and it’s like having insurance, I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Nick B.
Amazing product line and incredible customer support to back it up!

My first experience buying any of the Bodyguard backpacks was on Wednesday, December 21st…right before Christmas. Expecting a long delay due to holiday orders and shipping, I was amazed when my order showed up three days later on Saturday the 24th (Christmas Eve)! I should also mention that I ordered six separate backpacks (3 First Responders, 2 black Switchblades, and 1 gray Switchblade) with 2 sets of Level 3 plates and 4 sets of Level 3A plates. The backpacks are for the security/safety team that we’re setting up at our church. To receive such a large shipment in such a short amount of time, right before Christmas, was amazing in its own right. Next, the quality of the backpacks and panels was incredible. There was not a stitch out of place in any of the items I received; not a single flaw that I could find. Everything was obviously very carefully built, and out of very rugged and sturdy (but still comfortable) materials. The backpacks are very easy to adjust to a perfect fit, and I found the process of deploying the front panels every bit as quick and easy as they made it look in the video. The whole process feels very natural. BUT HERE’S THE ABSOLUTE KICKER, and why I’ll always be a promoter of this product and company… All 6 sets of armor panels came in the shipment that I received at my house, but I only received 5 backpacks. And to be fair, this is completely understandable. Again…it was a large order placed right in the middle of the holiday rush. Mistakes happen in these situations regardless of how organized you are. The important thing is…how will the company treat their customer? I emailed Bodyguard’s Customer Support on Tuesday to let them know that I hadn’t received the one backpack. Their system and pick list showed that everything had been shipped, and they replied with that information and the delivery confirmation within a couple of hours and said that the case would be referred to a member of the fulfillment team. The very next day, I was contacted by Damian Ross from the fulfillment team. He was very helpful and never once made me feel as if he didn’t believe my story. He did his due diligence and worked with me so I could get him the information he needed to validate my claim, and then he immediately emailed other people in the company so my missing backpack would be shipped out ASAP. I received my tracking number by the end of the same day. This kind of customer service is unheard of! Out of curiosity, I got on LinkedIn that day to see who Damian Ross was and was shocked to find out that he is the CEO of The Self Defense Company and Bodyguard Protection Gear, and he is the same individual who founded the company over 15 years ago! So wrap your head around this… The week between Christmas and New Year’s, when everything retail and shipping is madness, the Founder and CEO of the company (when most at this level are vacationing) worked with me personally to make sure that his company was taking care of me and my church’s security team! Again, this is incredible! I would highly recommend this company and their product line to anyone who needs a highly quality, concealable and quickly deployable alternative to conventional body armor. They have forever won over my business and my recommendation to anyone in the market for this kind of product! Damian, his team, and their products are all on a level all their own!

Mark Applegate
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