First Responder Bulletproof Backpack with Bulletproof plates

First Responder Military Tactical Backpack + Level IIIa Bulletproof Armor Plate Package


A combination you’ll never want to leave home, work or the field without. Engineered to be put on in a moment’s notice, the First Responder has no complicated straps or buckles and it will fit any size waist instantly. This means you can leave it in your vehicle, office, classroom or home and anyone can grab it, put it on and GO. Level IIIA Ballistic Shield.


Military Tactical Level 3A Bulletproof Backpack Features:

When combined with the Lightweight Removable Bulletproof Insert (included with your purchase), this tactical bulletproof backpack elevates from a well-designed ruck pack to a self-defense tool that is discrete and effective.
Never leave home or work unprotected again.

Body Guard Guarantee
First Responder Bulletproof Backpack Features
Level IIIA Protection
Body Guard Trust Symbols
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