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Full Face Dual Port Respirator Gas Mask w/ Silicone Face Shield


Engineered to provide protection against specific types of gasses, fumes, particulates and solids, the BreatheSafe Respirator offers a high degree of safety under a wide range of conditions and situations.

Coming equipped with a high-quality silicone sealed face shield, this gas mask kit has everything needed to stay safe from respiratory hazards.

If you have concerns about airborne threats, including but not limited to fumes, gasses, particulates, extreme odors, and pathogens, you need a mask that’s been battle-tested to perform. From front line responders, to survivalists and more, these respirators are a perfect addition to your safety gear.


A Gas Mask that Stands Above the Rest

In today’s pandemic era, there is an increased awareness for the need for respiratory protection against various particulates. From dust and allergens, to pollutants, chemicals, and yes, pathogens such as respiratory viruses.
First-line responders and concerned citizens are frequently placed in harm’s way. This mask kit can aid in helping those individuals get the peace of mind they deserve, while carrying out their duties unencumbered.

The Respirator Mask

Each mask comes with a P-A-1 filter element, ideal for ‘riot duty’ or in situations where there is a risk of pepper spray or tear gas exposure.

Utilizing a standardized interface, each mask can be easily outfitted with a wide range of filter replacements.

Silicone sealing elements ensure a tight seal with the skin, while remaining comfortable for long term use. Silicone is advantageous as compared to natural rubber due to its chemical inertness, softer feel against the skin, and because it requires less pressure to form an airtight seal.

Dual Ports for Safer Extended Use

Doubling down on filter ports enables the wearer to benefit from dual filtration, resulting in enhanced filtration and safer operation over longer periods of time.

Improved Communication

A strategically placed voice port effectively carries sound transmission without compromising the mask, restricting the inflow of any airflow while still enabling the wearer to communicate with others.


P-A-1 Filters:

Ideal for most types of organic particulates and gasses, including but not limited to:


Known as the industry standard for particulate filtration, these filters are ideal when protection against solids is necessary.

Including Particulates From:

More than that, these filters are engineered to remove up to 99.97% of harmful contaminants, preventing them from ever being breathed in.

BreatheSafe Respirator Mask Features:

Each Gas Mask / Respirator Kit Includes

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