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Lightweight Bulletproof Flight Jacket – Level IIIA

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Designed especially for undercover work: businessmen, detectives, bodyguards, and others to provide maximum ballistic protection.

This flight jacket, manufactured to provide the wearer with full ballistic protection, is an example of soft body armor that protects the front and back of the torso like a bullet proof vest. An added bonus is that the soft ballistic panels are inserted into inside pockets of the bomber jacket and are easily removable, as they can be switched from one garment to another. This allows different jackets to function as bullet proof body armor.

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The flight jacket is a lightweight and versatile jacket designed to support those who require personal ballistic protection and bullet proof capabilities while remaining undercover and discreet.

A favorite for undercover detectives, private investigators, body guards, businessmen, and more, these lightweight jackets offer outstanding protection while keeping an ultra-low profile.

Looking similar to any ordinary windbreaker or light jacket, the bulletproof flight jacket effectively conceals Level IIIA-rated bullet proof protection from a wide range of small arms and impacts from shrapnel.

We hope you never find yourself in danger, but if you do, this jacket offers significant protection that could mean the difference between life or death.

Beyond protection, the bomber jacket is engineered with mobility and flexibility in mind. Knowing that life often throws obstacles in your way, this jacket is light and versatile, helping you stay protected while navigating whatever circumstance you find yourself in.

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Protection Rating:

  • Level IIIA Certified

  • .44 Magnum

  • .357 SIG

  • 10mm Auto

  • 7H21

  • And protection from all threats Level I, IIA, and II are capable of stopping

Product Specifications and Details

  • NIJ Standard rated Level IIIA protection

  • Offers front, back, and side protection

  • Trusted by Israeli Special Forces

  • Manufactured to ISO 9000 quality specs

  • 5-year warranty

  • Lightweight Build

  • Sizes Available: Small to 5XL

  • Colors Available: Black

  • Brand: Metzada

  • Process time 5-7 days

  • UPS shipping for fast and discreet delivery


Perfect way to be bullet proof without it being obvious. Easy to wear when needed, looks normal, and has a good level of protection.

Brian S

The service is very good. the bullet jackets for Israel-catalog.com are very comfortable. The service is very good. Mr. Phan California, USA

Phan J
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