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Wonder Hoodie SWX – Stab Proof Hoodie

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According to criminal reports and crime statistics data, in 2020 there were nearly 62,000 knife-related attacks in the USA alone. This, during a year when much of the nation and world were on lockdown or isolated.

With the risk of stabbings and blade-related threats on the rise, there is no better time to invest in the personal safety of yourself and others.

To that end, Wonder Hoodie, a leading manufacturer of bulletproof and stab proof protective wear and body armor, introduces the WORLD’S FIRST STAB-RESISTANT HOODIE.

Available in sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large

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Made in partnership with Shadow Works veterans, this hoodie isn’t just slash resistant, but STAB RESISTANT, a cutting edge (pun intended) development in engineered protective clothing.

Utilizing SWX™ stab-proof fabric, this material is the ONLY fabric capable of providing reliable and battle-tested protection from puncture, stab, slash, cutting and abrasive damage or attacks.

man stabbing a dummy wearing SWX hoodie
man wearing gloves while stabbing cloth on table
man slicing cloth on table while wearing stab proof gloves

The first stab proof hoodie powered by NASA inspired technology

Engineers with former experience working on Deep Space Programs and the Mars Rover are behind the textile operations of Wonder Hoodie, tapping into the same knowledge and skillsets used to create fabrics capable of withstanding the harsh environments of space.

Military Origins

The driving force behind SWX™ textiles is the team’s extensive experience in the armed forces and law enforcement. Their first-hand understanding of what it means to perform under extreme pressure is behind every product developed.

Vigorously tested again blade and knife attacks for reliability

Materials used in each product line are rigorously tested by independent facilities in accordance with ATSM and EN388 standards for puncture, straight cut, circular cut, abrasion, tear, flame resistance and low-velocity fragmentation.

This stab proof hoodie effectively protects against a wide range of blade and knife attacks, offering increased protection from potentially life-threatening stab wounds. This is the first and only hooded garment to offer such a high level of protection.

The innovative design elements and trademarked proprietary materials make the Wonder Hoodie Stab proof hoodie the “stealth superhero” of apparel, providing comprehensive protection against knife and blade attacks.

Wonder Hoodie SWX – Stab proof Hoodie Specifications:

  • Machine dryable and 100% machine washable

  • Anti-microbial material

  • Weight: between 1-2lbs

  • Shipping: USA and Canada. International available upon request where supported

  • Sizing: Unisex (women are encouraged to order one size down for the best fit)


Size Chest Waist
XS 30" - 32" | 76.2 - 81.3cm 24" - 26" | 61 - 66cm
S 34" - 36" | 86.4 - 91.4cm 28" - 30" | 71.1 - 76.2cm
M 38" - 40" | 96.5 - 102cm 32" - 34" | 81.3 - 86.4cm
L 42" - 44" | 107 - 112cm 36" - 38" | 91.4 - 96.5cm
XL 46" - 48" | 117 - 122cm 40" - 42" | 102 - 107cm
2XL 50" - 52" | 127 - 132cm 44" - 46" | 112 - 117cm


  • What Level of Protection Does this Hoodie Offer?

    Featuring NIJ-IIA rated protection, this hoodie boasts the highest soft body armor rating short of hard plates

  • Is there any proof that these hoodies work?

    Each hoodie design is independently tested at a US licensed ballistics testing lab to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability in the field. Customers may view the outcome of these lab tests on the manufacturer’s site.

  • Is it Legal to Own a Bullet Proof Hoodies?

    In most jurisdictions and situations, yes. However, exceptions may apply. See our guide on the legality of personal body armor for more information.

  • What Areas of the Body Are Protected By This Hoodie?

    This hoodie effectively protects the front, back and sides of the torso, as well as the back and sides of the head.

  • Does the Hood Protect the Head?

    Yes. Wonder Hoodie produces the only bullet proof clothing product with head protection. When the hood is worn over the head, it effectively protects the back and sides of the head from ballistic impact.

  • Does the Hoodie Protect Against Knife Attacks?

    This hoodie is also capable of defending against slashing attacks with knives and blades, withstanding cross-body slashes and medium jabs.

  • What About the Sleeves? Are they protected?

    Body armor, even soft armor, when added to the arms is excessively heavy, bulky and dramatically reduces maneuverability and mobility. As such, these hoodies do not have armor protection in the arms.

  • How Long with these vests last?

    Keeping in line with the industry standard, the bulletproof used in these hoodies will last for 5-years.

*SWX Disclaimer: Please don’t take a factory sharpened knife, razor blade or scalpel and attempt to replicate the manufacturing process of putting the textile under tension and cutting on a hard surface with great pressure. You will damage the textile beyond repair. The textile is designed to be worn on the body/ skin and protect the wearer from realistic situations.

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