Lightweight Bulletproof Hoodie Level IIA (2A) Protection


A perfect way to give yourself a measure of protection without looking out of place or geared up, this bulletproof hoodie offers you 2A level protection in the torso.

With Velcro adjustability to offer a slim fit, this bulletproof hoodie is a product that provides 2A level protection for your torso (up to 9 mm pistols), without it being obvious that you are wearing a bulletproof layer. The hoodie part is easily removed for washing, and the fit of the garment is unisex.


The hoodie is a classic. Its comfortable to wear, provides a good deal of warmth and cushioning, goes with a wide selection of other attire, and can be worn over nearly anything.

That makes the hoodie one of the most versatile and loved forms of clothing. It also means that wearing a bulletproof hoodie won’t make you stand out in a crowd. Designed to look like a standard piece of clothing, this lightweight bulletproof hoodie offers discreet and reliable protection you can count on.

Available in black, this hoodie goes with nearly any style you sport, perfectly complimenting everything from jeans to khakis. The lightweight design ensures that the bulletproof hoodie remains comfortable and keeps you mobile, without excessive weight or restrictions.

A sturdy zipper allows you to quickly take on or take off the hoodie without having to pull it over your head, keeping your field of vision unobstructed. Best yet, the hoodie comes with two integrated concealed pistol holders for those who opt to ‘carry’.

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Protection Rating:

  • Level IIA NIJ Rated Protection

  • Front, back, and side ballistic armor plates

  • .45 ACP

  • .40 S&W

  • 9x19mm

  • And similar small arms

Product Specifications and Details

  • NIJ Standard rated Level IIA protection

  • Front, back, and side protective ballistic plates

  • Includes TWO concealed pistol holders

  • Trusted by Israeli Special Forces

  • Manufactured in an ISO 9000 certified facility

  • Generous 5-year warranty

  • Lightweight with flexible panels for better mobility

  • Sizes Available: Small to 4XL

  • Colors Available: Black

  • Weight: approx.. 5lbs

  • Fabric: 65% polyester, 35% cotton

  • Process time 5-7 days

  • UPS shipping for fast and discreet delivery

Protective Materials-Soft Ballistic fabrics protection:Woven fabrics: polyetheline
Hoodie: 65% polyester 35% cotton
Protecting area:0.32 cm2
Protection (NIJ 0101.04 Bullet):II-A(Certification)
Weight:approximately 2.3 kg / 5 pounds
Protection Thickness4.3 mm / 0.17 inch
good quality

looks great , good quality , fast shipping

Frank M
best option out there

I've swapped my regular fleece with this protective alternative and there's basically no difference in how it feels. It's the best option out there for comfortable and casual bulletproof protection.

Mike H
finally feel safe

A no regret purchase for sure, I wear this hoodie and feel invincible, my confidence goes up and I finally feel safe. But the best part? Nobody can even tell I'm wearing protection.

Mitch R
comfy and normal looking

got this hoodie for protection since I often have to walk through unsafe neighborhoods and I feel much more confidant on my commute because of it. It's also comfy and normal looking

Russell T
better than expected

Lightweight and well made. It looks like a bulletproof vest until worn in. At first it is easy to tell from the shape but it is still better than expected. Thank you

Cassidy B.
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