Space Carrier for BulletSafe Vest
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Vest Spare Carrier

Our bulletproof vest carriers (sometimes also know as a cover) are high quality and durable and will last. Whether you spilled something on your vest during lunch, it’s laundry day,  or you just want to look snappy for an inspection it’s always a good idea to have a backup carrier.


Order a spare carrier for your BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest. You’ll want one so that you can wash your vest carrier (sometimes it is called a cover or casing) while wearing your spare. You may also need it if something is spilled or splattered on you or if you have an inspection coming up. Having a second carrier for your vest is a great idea if you wear your bulletproof vest every day.

This carrier is comes in different sizes, so be sure to order the same size as your vest.

Just like our bulletproof vest, our spare cover is offered at a great price. We know that security guards and armored car drivers don’t make a lot of money, so we make sure they don’t have to spend a lot to be safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bulletproof vests aren’t just for law enforcement, military, and security personnel anymore. Today, security and safety-minded civilians have access to a variety of discreet bulletproof vests, clothing, backpacks, and more.

With bulletproof vests having gone mainstream, many people have questions about how to take care of their vests and armor between use.

We aim to tackle those questions for you below.

No. This is a replacement cover for a BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest. It does not stop bullets or knives. You need to buy a complete bulletproof vest for that.

It replaces the cover of your BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest if it gets dirty, smelly, worn out, or if you want have a spare to make life easier.

You should order the same size as your original vest.

Yes. Our sizing has been the same since we launched, so you can order a replacement carrier even if your vest is older.  Even if your vest is of the original design, our newer carrier will fit it.

No. Our carrier and panels are cut just for us. Other brands of armor or carrier do not fit. Next time, you should try a BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest.

No.  It only fits BulletSafe Armor.

First, take the armor panels out of your vest (through the velcro slots). Second, wash the carrier in the washing machine (doesn’t matter what cycle). Third, hang it to dry or dry it on low.

Can Bulletproof Vests Get Wet?

The typical advice is to prevent the actual armor plates (soft or hard) from exposure to water. Water can deteriorate the ability of these materials to absorb impacts from projectiles and keep you safe. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your bulletproof vest clean.
Always Heed the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Each vest is made differently, using a variety of materials and constructed in a way that may or may not be suitable for particular methods of washing or cleaning. Because of this, and because damage to your vest could mean the difference between life or death, we always recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions with regards to washing and maintenance.

Not only that, failure to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions can void your warranty in the event that you accidentally damage your bulletproof vest.

Following these guidelines to the letter will ensure maximum protection while extending the lifespan of your bulletproof vest.

Generally speaking, once you’ve removed the armor plates (hard or soft), any type of nylon, down-filled, cotton, or polyester material can be gently machine washed and tumbled. We suggest that you always use the gentlest setting on your washing machine, and use only cold water with a mild detergent for best results.

WARNING: Machine washing soft body armor plates will damage Kevlar and other ballistic fabrics, transforming your lifesaving vest into a heavy cloth that will do little to stop bullets and other threats.

PRO TIP: Treat your ballistic vest as if it were a delicate piece of clothing, hang it to air dry, and never use fabric softener.

This one can be a bit confusing. NIJ certification DOES include testing in various extremes, including high heat situations. However, it is never a good idea to use the dryer for drying the actual armor in the vest or clothing. Before putting the fabric-only portion of your vest into the dryer, remove ALL armor. If you can’t remove the armor, let the vest air dry.

You can and you should. Body armor can get a bit of a funk as well. However, getting your armor excessively wet can cause significant damage. We suggest wiping down the armor with an antibacterial wipe (such as those used on gym equipment), or with a slightly damp and/or soapy cloth.

TIP: Soft armor is highly susceptible to damage from excessive moisture, whereas hard body armor plates are more resilient.

TIP: ALWAYS follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding cleaning and maintenance

Kevlar can be washed, with some limitations. If using a washing machine use a gentle setting, short cycle, and cold water only. Kevlar may be tumble-dried afterwards.

NEVER use bleach or harsh detergents.

Like heavily used sports equipment, bulletproof vests can get quite a funk going after a while. Sweat, dirt, grime, and bacteria can all make your vest smell anything but pleasant.

The best way to remove smells is to use an odor-eliminating spray on the outer shell of the vest. Odor-neutralizing sprays are more efficient than air fresheners, actually neutralizing the smell vs simply covering it up.

I wish it cost less

If these things cost less I would buy two spares, but they aren’t cheap so I only bought one spare.

Steven Green
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