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Ar500 Armor Hybrid 11x15 Lightweight Backpack Level IIIa Soft Body Armor

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The next generation of soft body armor: durable, effective, mobile. Experience the protection of AR500 Armor Hybrid Backpack IIIA Soft Body Armor.

Weighing just 1.5lbs and with a thickness of just 0.25,” this soft body armor is ideal for concealed protection in backpacks, day bags and more.

As a standalone protective shield, this Level IIIA rated body armor is capable of withstanding both single and multiple hits on target, and is designed to defeat ballistic pistol threats up to 1430 Fps and calibers including .357 SIG and .44 Magnum rounds.


Available in Two Armor Types:

Hybrid: Meticulously crafted from unparalleled quality materials from Honeywell Spectra Shield, DuPont Kevlar and Gold Shield, this Hybrid III body armor delivers superior performance and capabilities. The result? Superior strength, optimally flexible, and ultra-light armor that weighs in at just 1lb

Rimelig: Ideal for use in the field and in everyday living situations, this value-based soft body armor is the ‘people’s body armor’ and perfect for virtually anyone. High-performance without the high price tag is this model’s major selling point.

Get superior protection from single or multi-hits from 357 SIG FMJ Flat Nose (FN) bullets with a specified mass of 8.1 g (125 gr) and a velocity of 1470 ft/s (+/- 30 ft/s) and with .44

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