A bulletproof vest for the modern man, the Wonder Hoodie’s Bulletproof Fleece Vest performs to the highest standard, having your back in virtually any situation while sporting a stylish look that will have heads turning.

Utilizing a slim-fit design for added comfort and a modern style, this fleece bulletproof vest features police-grade NIJ-IIA rated bulletproof protection with slash-proof specs.

With crime on the rise, and the risk of threats from assailants higher than ever before, it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra protection from the unknown. No one has a crystal ball, but this vest will make sure you’re protected no matter what life throws your way.


Rest easy knowing your most vital body parts are sheathed in NIJ-IIIA armor engineered to deliver superior protection.
Coupled with a lightweight, fashionable and flexible design, this fleece bulletproof vest offers the best in fashion, comfort and protection.

Your safety is important, and so are the safety of you and your loved ones. As such, bulletproof vests have become an increasingly popular option for both first responders and civilians alike. However, old models were unfashionable, bulky, and made you stand out like you had a target on your back.

By contrast, the Wonder Hoodie Bullet Proof Fleece Vest (NIJ-IIIA) represents the next generation in discreet protective wear.

Features and Benefits:

Bulletproof Fleece Vest Specifications

Frequently Asked Customer Questions

These vests are lab tested and rated to meet or exceed NIJ-IIIA standards. This rating is the highest protective rating for soft body armor.

These vests are vetted by an independent US ballistics testing lab. Results of these tests can be viewed on the manufacturer’s website.

Mostly, yes. However, there are certain jurisdictions and situations where using body armor in public may be prohibited by law. See the manufacturer’s website for more information.

These vests provide NIJ-IIA rated body armor panels to protect the torso, back, front and sides.

This vest features slash-proof panels capable of withstanding cross-body slashes and medium jabs.

Made from Kevlar, the protective capabilities of these vests will last for 5 years (the industry standard).

Awesome Product!

First bulletproof cap sold on the market. Well put together product. Extraordinary product for the money!

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