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Extremity Patrol Glove-Light System with P3X Light

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When you’re on the job, your safety and efficiency are PARAMOUNT! Why sacrifice either by using antiquated tools like hand-held flashlights? Wouldn’t you rather have BOTH HANDS FREE to take care of your concerns while working or on the job?

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The high-powered LED flashlight is mountable onto either glove hand giving you ambidextrous use. Here are some of the many benefits the Exxtremity Patrol Glove-Light System brings you:

  • Both hands now become free to deal with a potential threat which can save your life
  • When pulling over a driver at night you’ll be more visible roadside by utilizing the Exxtremity Glove’s Strobe Mode
  • No more having your flashlight in your “off” hand (or sometimes, without thinking, in your gun hand)
  • No more contorting your hands and wrists with your flashlight while your weapon is drawn
  • No more dropping your flashlight and having your safety compromised during a physical confrontation
  • No more losing your flashlight during foot pursuits
  • For K9 officers, no more concerns about insufficient light and not being able to draw your weapon with a lead in one hand and a flashlight in the other


  • 1 Detachable P3X LED Flashlight – 500 Lumens
  • 1 Pair of high-quality tactical gloves you can use with or without the mountable LED Flashlight
  • Available with or without a pressure switch with an attachable cord that allows turn-off OR momentary activation with the tap of your thumb against your index finger
  • 1 Picatinny Rail Mounting Clip which allows the LED Flashlight to easily snap on and off your glove (either hand)

HiLight P3X, the extremely low-profile tactical LED flashlight, is the lightest and brightest subcompact pistol light on the market. Equipped with CREE XM-L2 LED and powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, its max output is 500 lumens of steady-on or strobe. Its unique strobe function will definitely blind any intruder at night. HiLight P3X fits all subcompact and compact handguns with a rail. Its button on/off switch allows users to store the pistols in soft nylon holsters, and the ambidextrous control tab


* Video is showing P3X light and the utility of a hands-free lighting system. Gloves will be changed according to your order.

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