Front of Citizen Armor Civvy Covert Female Bulletproof Vest

Citizen Armor Civvy Covert Women’s Bulletproof Vest


Sleek, lightweight and discreet, the Civvy Covert Bullet Vest was designed specifically to fit the contours of the female form, while offering stopping power capable of standing up to .44 caliber ballistics.

Slim and breathable, the vest can be worn under loose clothing, giving the torso protection from the front, back and sides.


Odor control technology and breathable materials make this vest comfortable to wear all day without worrying about moisture and odor.

The Civvy Vest comprises Protek graphene microfiber technology and Standard and Elite.

Unlike vests made entirely of aramid fibers like Kevlar, the Elite vest is resistant to water and UV radiation, and comes with an industry-leading 7-year warranty.

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Product Features:

Armor Specifications:


Standard ArmorElite Armor
5 Year Armor Warranty7 Year Armor Warranty
Features Protek™ Technology with Graphene MicrofibersFeatures Protek™ Technology with Graphene Microfibers
Includes Aramid FibersIncludes Polyethylene (UHMWP)
Requires a water proof protective cover to not be exposed to water, UV light & environmentImpervious to water, UV light & environment
Protects against NIJ Level IIIA handgun rounds up to .44 magProtects against NIJ Level IIIA in addition to armor piercing rounds that include the FN 5.7x28mm, Winchester Ranger T-series SXT, and Liberty 9mm
Standard allowed Back Face Signature (BFS)Up to 20% less Back Face Signature (BFS)
Not rated for stab resistanceStab resistant up to 34 Joules

Female Bulletproof vest

Men and women are equal on many fronts, but there’s no denying that each has differing anatomy. We would never generalize, but for some women, larger bust sizes, slimmer waists, less broad shoulders, shorter stature, and other attributes make the use of male bulletproof vests a challenge.

Traditionally made as ‘unisex’, many bulletproof vests aren’t tailored to fit one gender or another, leading to a less than perfect fit that can reduce mobility, increase fatigue, cause additional strain and wear, and provide less protection.

This covert female bulletproof vest was meant to break that mold, offering customized form, fit, feel and comfort without sacrificing protection.

Engineered to perfection, this female bulletproof vest is tailored to fit a female’s build, sporting a low profile and contouring fit.

Why Would You Want Female Specific Body Armor?

Weight: Female body armor utilizes industry-leading technology and materials, with designs adapted to reduce weight and fatigue for smaller body frames.

Mobility: Male body armor can be clunky and bulky. Female bulletproof vests are engineered to match the unique curves of a woman’s body, aiding in improving mobility.

Comfort: Women often find men’s armor uncomfortable. Especially for those with larger bust sizes. Female body armor is designed to fit the frame of a women, giving in all the right places without being too restrictive in others, resulting in a comfortable but snug fit that’ll keep you ready for action.

Fit and Protection: A poor fit can put you at risk, exposing areas of your body that are susceptible to injury. Female body armor is designed to keep your vest secure where it needs to be, but light and flexible enough to allow for unrestricted mobility.

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