Close up of closed Keops armor vest

Mc Armor Level IIIa Keops Armor Vest


With mass shootings and gun violence on the rise, an increasing number of people have decided to take back control of their personal safety, investing in bulletproof clothing and armor vests that are capable, comfortable and effective.

Bulletproof vests provide wearers with the ultimate level of protection if they are caught in a dangerous scenario, particularly one involving firearms.

The MC Armor Level IIIA KEOPS Armor Vest is a stylish padded vest designed similar in style to those found at the Gap or Old Navy, making it as discreet as it is protective.


Made of 100% polyester with concealed ballistic protection, this vest offers discreet, reliable protection in a wide range of scenarios, from work to play or simply out running errands. The materials are combined in a way that manages body temperature, heat, and humidity proactively with a built-in thermoregulation system.

The unique design is engineered to cover from the neck to the waist, protecting vital organs from ballistic impact, with a frontal overlap system that ensures there is no area unprotected.

The ballistic panels hidden inside interior compartments offer discreet protection and can also be removed for easy maintenance, cleaning or storage.

The United States Department of Justice (NIJ 0101.06) and the European Community have both certified this jacket, offering increased confidence for those who are in high-risk situations.

This lightweight, flexible armor would suit a variety of professionals from:


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