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Side Straps Replacement for Bulletproof Vest


Do you need new side straps for your BulletSafe Vest?  Perhaps you gained or lost some weight and the straps are too long or short now?  If so, you can easily purchase new side straps so you stay safe and save money.


A bulletproof vest is a first responder’s best friend and guardian angel. But even the best vests can get worn or damaged over time, requiring replacement bulletproof vest straps to maintain a snug, tactical fit.

Whether you’re gained or lost weight, or the straps on your trusty vest are showing signs of wear, we’ve got you covered. Our side straps replacement for bulletproof vest owners will keep you safe and secure no matter what challenges life throws at you.

Safe, Secure, Affordable Bulletproof Vest Straps

Body armor, bullet proof vests included, are arguably the most critical pieces of equipment a front-line worker or responder can have in their tool chest.

No matter if it’s worn outside or under clothing, one of the most important aspects of your vest is its fit. And when it comes to proper fit, bulletproof vest straps are an integral component, preventing sliding, and creating a snug but not too tight fit.

Too Tight - forget about the fight

A vest with straps that are too tight will hinder maneuverability while restricting the ability to take full deep breathes in the heat of battle, or when the adrenaline hits like a freight train. You’ll also lose breathability, increasing body heat and causing excess sweating and reduced performance on or off the field.

Improper sizing or weight gain are the two most common culprits of a tight vest.

Too Loose – your goose is cooked

A vest with straps that result in a loose fit might feel comfortable initially, but you’ll soon find out that a loose vest can get caught on objects, come off, and reduce maneuverability by getting in the way.

And that’s the good news. The bad news is that a vest with loose straps can increase sliding from side to side and expose vital areas of your body to risk of life-threatening wounds.

Again, improper vest sizing and/or weight loss are the two main culprits here. Although worn or stretched straps can also cause issues.

The Right Side Straps, Means the Right Fit

You’ve invested a lot into the protection of yourself and others. From situational awareness and training, to the body armor you suit up in when things get precarious.

Don’t let a poorly fitted vest or one with loose or tight straps prevent you from operating at peak levels of performance.

Our side strap bullet proof vest replacements are made from highly durable materials, sourced from the finest manufacturers and engineered to perform as well as you do.

From the day to day grind, to weekend training exercises, these straps are built to last.

Factors to Consider When Fitting Your Straps

Give your vest the slide test. If you pull it from side to side, does it easily shift out of position? If yes, its too loose. Next, give it the breath test. Take a DEEP full breath and notice whether or not the vest seems restrictive when your lungs are at full capacity. If yes, it’s too tight. Both are far from ideal and open the wearer up to unnecessary risk and vulnerable targets.

The side straps on your vest should be just secure enough to eliminate loose unwanted shifts and movements, but not so tight that there isn’t some ‘give’ or flexibility.

The Best Replacement Bulletproof Vest Straps

With life and limb on the line, you can’t risk going with just any bulletproof vest strap. You need something that is as reliable as your sidearm, as trusty as your best friend, and as courageous as your partners on the front line.

When the times get tough, our side strap replacements are up to the task.

Side Straps Replacement for Bulletproof Vest - Description

Available in four sizes, matched to the size of the vest (i.e. small strap for small vest, medium for a medium-size vest), these straps are the ideal replacement no matter your sizing.

Made from highly durable materials and manufactured to the highest standards, find out why so many trust us when its time to replace their vest straps.


S-M – The same size strap that would come with both the Small and Medium vests
LA – The straps that come with a Large Vest
XL – The straps that normally come with an Extra-Large vest
2X – The straps that normally come with a 2X vest.

Replacement Straps: Getting More Out of Your Old Vest

Always affordable and accessible, these straps are designed to help you get more out of your vests for longer. Just because your straps have worn out doesn’t mean it’s time to ditch the vest as well.

I’ve been shot 6 times.

Being shot 6 times and surviving this truly gives me that extra piece of mind, very well made feels very strong follow the chart and you’ll be good! and I ordered it Wednesday it came Friday.... I mean it was basically overnighted and I picked the free option.. great job guys thank you.

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