BreatheSafe Gas Mask Replacement Filter Set


Filters come in sealed packaging to ensure efficacy and filters unadulterated by exposed air. Compatible with the BreatheSafe Gas Mask and Respirator, these filters are fitted to standardized specs that may work well with a broad range of other makes and models.

Don’t trust your safety and well-being to any ‘no name’ filter. Buy a brand you can rely on and that comes backed by years of satisfied customers and battle-tested products engineered to outperform in the field.

BreatheSafe filters are made from the highest quality materials, made to spec, and proven to perform even under the harshest of conditions.


BreatheSafe Respirator

The BreatheSafe Gas Mask Replacement Filter set is the ideal replacement for your BreatheSafe gas mask. Made to optimally fit your mask, these filters are engineered specifically for your make and model to provide unparalleled protection.

Each purchase comes with a total of 4 replacement filters, effectively replacing every filter that came with your original gas mask kit.

Organic Vapor Filters

Called P-A-1 filters, these filters are engineered to protect against aromatics and particulates of that are organic (carbon-based) in nature. Commonly, this includes both tear gas and pepper spray, but also a wide range of organic and volatile airborne particulates.

P-A-1 Filters:

Ideal for most types of organic particulates and gasses, including but not limited to:


Known as the industry standard for particulate filtration, these filters are ideal when protection against solids is necessary. The P-100 is a cartridge-based filter with filtration elements encased within a hard plastic case. This design is engineered to outperform traditional ‘pancake style’ filters that utilize exposed filtration elements.

Filters Particulates Including Those From:

More than that, these filters are engineered to remove up to 99.97% of harmful contaminants, preventing them from ever being breathed in.

What’s Included in Each Filter Kit

Each filter replacement kit comes with:

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