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Stab Proof Ultralight Concealed Vest

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A new ultralight vest made for those who face risks of stabbing, this vest can be worn under a shirt or a jacket. Designed with thin, flexible, and adjustable shoulder and waist straps, you will hardly feel this vest when wearing it.

Made by Stab Resistance NIJ Standard–0115

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Our ability to assure top quality design and production and products, results from years of cooperation with the IDF and other Israeli security units, and from real time field testing.

Please note, vests have a minimum of 5 days manufacturing time.


Soft Amour Test Report NIJ 115 Strike 1

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  • Concealed Vest Size Chart
  • Process Time (Business Days): 5-7
  • Color: BlackBlueWhite
  • Product Brand: Metzada
  • Product Category: Bullet Proof VestConcealable Body ArmorStab Proof Vest
Protective Material Aramid
Weight ~ 1.3 Kg / 2.9 pounds
Thickness ~ 1.5 mm / 0.6 inch
Polyester webbing tapes

the vest is well made. I will wear it to work for the first time tomorrow. Hopefully, I will not need it though. Being a larger size male (I enjoyed my retirement too much, now that I am returning to the field I need to lose weight), my body shape causes the upper right and left corners to poke out. I have found that a strap across the chest and back reduces this and the vest is hardly noticeable. I realize adding a strap across the chest and back at the top would add cost to the product. In my situation it would be worth the additional cost. It is a great product and I will not hesitate to recommend your products to my associates. thank you. Jim Justus

James J.

Very good, high quality, pretty comfort.

Saija K.

Loved it. People loved it so much they broke into my place and stole it. I’m going to have to buy another one

Eduardo M.
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