Front of Bulletblocker Level IIIA Bulletproof Youth Nylon Jacket

Bulletblocker Level IIIA Bulletproof Youth Nylon Jacket


Protect your young ones with the BulletBlocker Youth Nylon jacket, providing the highest level of protection available for soft body armor.

This bullet resistant child’s jacket is discreet and fashionable, incorporating a removable liner that provides front and back protective coverage disguised as a mesh-lined waterproof jacket.

The DuPont Kevlar® panels are held in a zippered container and can be removed to wash the nylon jacket, making cleanup a breeze.


The Full Wrap option:

To give further ballistic protection, a full wrap with side coverage is provided. When the complete wrap is worn over clothing, the front and rear panels on each side overlap.

* The entire wrap’s additional ballistic material may limit concealability marginally.

Benefits of a Nylon Youth Bulletproof Jacket

Ballistic Protection Specifications:

  • Bulletproof inside liner made of DuPont Kevlar® that can be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Meets NIJ IIIA requirements, capable of stopping ballistic rounds including .45, 9mm, .40, 357 Magnum and hollow point rounds

  • Has the same anti-ballistic coverage on the body as do the majority of vests worn by law enforcement

S: 826"23"
M: 10-1229"25"
L: 14-1632"27"
XL: 18-2035"29"
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