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Bulletproof Kids Hoodie

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The youth are among some of the most vulnerable in our population. Kids often haven’t developed situational awareness, and the frontal cortex development needed to properly evaluate situations, actions, and consequences. Because of this, poor decisions and impulsive behavior can lead to dangerous situations. With crime on the rise in many parts of the country, maintain your child’s safety in the classroom with a bulletproof kids hoodie.

Capturing the performance, comfort, discretion and style of the adult hoodies, this miniature version is the perfect addition to your child’s wardrobe.

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The world’s first kid’s bulletproof hoodie, the only stand-alone product on the market to seamlessly and discreetly protect all the vital organs. Light and discreet, this bulletproof hoodie will become a family favorite as it accompanies your child to and from home.

Growing Future Program: When purchasing a bulletproof hoodie for your child, know you can always trade-up for a larger size when they outgrow it (shipping and size surcharge not included).

Product Specifications:

  • Our patented, NIJ-IIIA panels discreetly protects the back and sides of the head. Pull it up when you need it, put it down when you don’t

  • 3-inches of bulletproof overlap secured by velcro down the middle allows safe zipped or unzipped wear.

  • Full military-style torso protection, no Tetris-panels to ‘insert’ like low-end competitors

  • Adjustable velcro straps along sides of torso for easy, slim fit

  • 100% USA Made and sourced bulletproof clothing for children – everything from our hoodies and thread to our ballistic materials – don’t settle for the unknown, cheap alternatives

  • Unisex Sizing

  • Metal black zipper

  • Hoodie part: 85% Polyester / 15% Soft Cotton

  • Need to wash the hoodie? Unzip the kid’s body armor from its torso casing and put the remaining armored hoodie into the washing machine

  • Weight: 3-5 lbs.

  • Shipping to the US & Canada, International inquiries must contact us.


Knowing my 5 year old son is much better protected means the world to me! I can rest easier even though I teach at the same school he will be at. It’s sad that our society targets such vulnerable & critical members of society: our children. My son loves it and wants to wear it everywhere. Its very reassuring for him. We love Wonder Hoodie and hope its never needed. Better to be prepared than sorry, especially when its affordable for children. The back of the head has an open spot in the hoodie, but is otherwise perfectly described & high quality. Very impressed! Thank you! You made customers for life!

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