Denim WH

Bulletproof Jacket


A new take on an old classic. These jackets blend style and performance with unbeatable protection. From a night out on the town to a stroll in the park, rest easy knowing your jacket has you covered front to back.


Police Grade Protection

Featuring NIJ-IIA rated protection, these bulletproof jackets can stand up to a broad range of ballistic and knife assaults with ease. Stay protected against 44 Magnum, 357 Magnum, .45, 9mm and more.

Durable Design

Rugged and made to take a beating, these jackets can stand up to daily wear without a problem.

Style and Comfort

Tired of sacrificing style and comfort for protection? No more. The jackets are designed to fit your active and busy lifestyle, suitable for any number of occasions or outings. Stay comfortable and protected no matter where life takes you.

Awesome Product!

I (6ft) usually wear a L but wanted a snugger fit after trying on their large size so exchanged for a M and thought it worked out pretty well.

Jason Lee
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