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Bulletproof Pants

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No protective outfit would be complete without bulletproof pants. After all, your legs are responsible for fast mobilization and can mean the difference between life and death. Protect one of your most vital assets with our bulletproof pants.

Our bulletproof leg armor with NIJ-IIIA protection is available for both men and women, and includes protection for femoral arteries (front, back of thighs), groin and backside.

Bulletproof pants are a type of protective clothing designed to resist bullet penetration and prevent injury to the wearer’s legs. Made from specialized materials these pants are commonly used by law enforcement, military personnel, and private security guards.

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Our Bulletproof Pants Protect Your Limbs No Matter The Occasion

Ensure your legs, pelvis and glutes are well protected from any threats that arise. Housing your femoral artery, one nick can turn into a fatal wound. Not to mention being immobilized is a nightmare you never want to experience. Boasting a NIJ-IIIA protection rating, these pants are up to the task.

Stay Mobile and Agile

Traditional armor is hot and heavy, reducing mobility and potentially slowing you down. These bullet proof pants are made from NIJ rated ballistic fabric that is flexible, keeping you quick on your feet.

Our Bulletproof Pants Are Comfortable And Breathable

We’re never a fan of ‘tipping your hand’ to would-be enemies or attackers. That’s why we selected these bulletproof pants to look like your average regular fabric. Rest easy knowing that you have the upper hand in case of a skirmish.

Our Leg Armor Is Discreet And Low Profile

Traditional armor is hot and heavy, reducing mobility and potentially slowing you down. These bullet proof pants are made from NIJ rated ballistic fabric that is flexible, keeping you quick on your feet.

Low Price, Almost Cheap, Bulletproof Pants

Making bulletproof pants accessible and affordable so you don’t have to sacrifice safety for a budget. Never skimping on materials, we work hard to bring quality products that perform without being cost-prohibitive.

Pants Are Available In Sizes S-2XL

Size Waist   HIP  
S 32" - 33" 81.2 - 83.8cm 38" - 39" 96.5 - 99cm
M 34" - 36" 86.4 - 91.4cm 40" - 42" 101.6 - 106.6cm
L 37" - 39" 94 - 99cm 43" - 45" 109 - 114.3cm
XL 41" - 44" 104.1 - 111.8cm 47" - 48" 119.4 - 121.9cm
2XL 46" - 47" 116.8 - 119.4cm 50" - 52" 127 - 132.1cm

Awesome pants! Although it took over a month from the time I purchased the pants until I got them they were worth the wait. They fit great are comfortable and you can’t tell by looking at them that they are special bulletproof pants. I only wish they could make them in jeans also because that would be great.

Comfy af lol

Was curious on how these would feel. Answer? Comfy af lol. Fun to say I own bp pants too.

Fits well

Good, thanks sam for your help.

Joe C
Great Product

I looked at these pants repeatedly for 2 years. They were out of my size for a while. Once my size was back in stock, I bought them. They arrived in a few weeks. I’m 6’2” and was worried about the inseam and length. For you tall guys, let me ease your mind if you are thinking they’ll be high waters being XL standard size. They fit great and the length is perfect. Further the inseam is made for a tall man with room to be comfortable. They weigh 5 lbs and wear great. Very flexible. This is a great design made of durable but comfortable material. They are designed like cargo pants and even have a pocket watch pocket that’s wide enough for most clips. When you’re standing, you cannot tell they are ballistic pants. Full coverage down to your knees. And I do mean full coverage. I highly recommend this item. You won’t be disappointed.

A life saver

I got a couple pairs of these before going to Ukraine. They do work well in protecting your legs against shrapnel, and have saved my a$$ several times from mortar and grenade fragments

I love these pants!!!

When I received my pants. I put them on and wore them the first day, for a 24 hour shift. These pants are very comfortable and well built! Nobody knew that I had on bulletproof pants. I would recommend these pants for anybody that’s in to law enforcement, or a civilian on the street. Great added protection!!!

Douglas T
fit great, the quality is fantastic

I just received the pants today and they are awesome! These were so worth the wait and better than I expected. They fit great, the quality is fantastic, and overall a great product. I can’t wait to see the backpack panel. That’s going to make a great addition to my survival pack and give me added protection. I appreciate all your help and communication throughout all of this. I have told all my friends at work and my family members to go to your site if they want quality products and at a good price!

Mark M
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