Bulletproof Pants

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No protective outfit would be complete without pants. After all, your legs are responsible for fast mobilization and can mean the difference between life and death. Protect one of your most vital assets with our bulletproof pants.


Protect Your Limbs No Matter the Occasion

Ensure your legs, pelvis and glutes are well protected from any threats that arise. Housing your femoral artery, one nick can turn into a fatal wound. Not to mention being immobilized is a nightmare you never want to experience. Boasting a NIJ-IIIA protection rating, these pants are up to the task.

Stay Mobile and Agile

Traditional armor is hot and heavy, reducing mobility and potentially slowing you down. These bullet proof pants are made from NIJ rated ballistic fabric that is flexible, keeping you quick on your feet.

Comfortable and Breathable

Made with wearability and comfort in mind, these pants can be worn daily no matter the weather. Breathable and flexible, you’ll forget you’re wearing bulletproof and not regular pants.

Discreet and Low Profile

We’re never a fan of ‘tipping your hand’ to would-be enemies or attackers. That’s why we selected these bulletproof pants to look like your average regular fabric. Rest easy knowing that you have the upper hand in case of a skirmish.


Making bulletproof pants accessible and affordable so you don’t have to sacrifice safety for a budget. Never skimping on materials, we work hard to bring quality products that perform without being cost-prohibitive.