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Hero Gloves 2.0 Group Purchase

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Getting stuck by a needle while at work is the last thing you want to happen. The worry about whether or not you’ve been infected with a disease is enough stress to put most over the edge. The mental stress of it pales in comparison to the potential physical side effects of medications you may need to take following a needle stick. Accidents happen.

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But if it happens to you, wouldn’t you want to know that your hands were protected against a potentially deadly needle? The Hero Gloves 2.0 also feature our renowned level 5 cut-resistant protection, giving you the peace of mind you want and need to effectively do your job. Whether you’re conducting a search of a person or vehicle, a prison cell, working in a rehabilitation facility, or conducting janitorial duties in a medical facility, you want to feel confident and safe while doing your job. Getting home safely matters most.



The Hero Gloves 2.0 are designed with full-leather construction (unlike our original Hero Gloves which are leather/fabric construction). The Hero Gloves 2.0 are also constructed with a new softer, more supple leather for increased comfort and dexterity. This leads to superior protection against needle sticks while still providing you with enough dexterity to manipulate small items and fire your duty weapon if need be. With a level 5 cut-resistant liner, reinforced stitching, and full-finger (even fingertips) needle protection, the Hero Gloves 2.0 give you the protection you need with the comfort and dexterity you desire.


  • Needle-resistant protective layer on ALL 5 fingers
  • Level 5 Cut Resistant
  • Full goat-skin leather construction
  • Reinforced seams
  • High Dexterity 
  • Needle protection wraps completely over the fingertips
  • New, state-of-the-art materials and design for MAXIMUM safety and comfort
  • Extended wrist protection
  • Heavy-Duty Velcro wrist closures
  • Designed by a Veteran Police Officer who has conducted thousands of pat-downs and searches
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