White sleeveless bulletproof shirt

Bulletproof Shirt


What if the actual shirt on your back could offer you protection similar to that of soft body armor? Well, now it can. These bulletproof shirts are perfect for the safety-conscious consumer looking to keep them and their loved ones safe from harm.


Front and Back Protection

We’ve got your back, but also your front, with duel protection no matter where the threat is coming from.

NIJ Rated Fabric

The only standard that matters. Used by law enforcement and the military, you can count on NIJ standards to hold up under pressure. These shirts are NIJ-IIIA rated front and back, capable of defending ballistic impact from a 44 Magnum, 357 Magnum, .45, 9mm and more.

Moisture Resistant Breathable Fabric

Tend to work up a sweat? Work in hot climates? You’ll appreciate our moisture resistant, breathable fabric, designed to wick moisture away from your body, and breathable to keep you calm, cool and collected.

Lightweight and Discreet

In similar style to the bulletproof hoodies, the bulletproof shirts are uniquely designed to ‘fit in’, with those passing by being none the wiser. These shirts can be worn for work or pleasure without anyone knowing you’re protected.

Durable Construction

Manufactured to the highest of standards, the shirts are made to take a beating and keep on going. Precision stitched and crafted from the highest-grade materials, the shirts will work as hard as you do and look just as good doing it.


You don’t need to break the bank when investing in personal protection with The Bulletproof Store. We take great pride in selecting a superior product line that is easy on the wallet and hard on ballistic and knife attacks

incredibly comfortable

I don’t know how this doesn’t have any reviews yet considering how good it is. I’ve owned this shirt for a few months now and I’d like to give a review so that other people who might be looking for protection can be better informed. I’ve found that this shirt is incredibly comfortable, easy to wash and fits under everything really well. While I’ve never had to put it to the test and I hope I don’t, it helps give me a sense of security. I feel safer wearing this around, and the fact that it’s so comfortable I can almost forget I’m wearing it, makes the price tag worth it. You could get a normal bulletproof vest for 200 but they aren’t nearly as comfortable. I also enjoy the fact that if I do get shot I can get a free replacement because I would’t want to go with another brand.

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