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QRF Low Visibility Minimalist Plate Carrier with Armor Plates

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Be seen, not heard. We’ve all heard this before. However in certain situations, you don’t want to be seen or even noticed. Blending in while wearing body armor is never easy. That’s why you need a low profile, low visibility, minimalist option when it comes to wearing body armor and a plate carrier. Whether you are law enforcement (Police), military, a private security contractor or a responsible citizen, you can’t compromise when it comes to your gear or your safety. Easily customizable, fast and discrete when need be, The QRF Plate Carrier is your ultimate asset for any mission.

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The QRF Plate Carrier features a lightning fast fastening system. No buckles. No clips. No BS. Just strap it on with our heavy duty wrap-around velcro cummerbund system and you’re ready to get in the fight. 

Low profile integrated mag pouches help you keep a low profile and keeps everything tight to your body. This provides ultimate efficiency, effectiveness and mobility. However, if you desire to add additional gear or pouches, The QRF Plate Carrier has integrated velcro molle to facilitate all your mission specific needs. 


  • 1000D Ultra-Strong Construction
  • Integrated Maxx-Dri Ventilation Technology
  • Minimalist Design
  • Low Profile
  • Comfort Stretch Cummerbund
  • Cummerbund Holds Additional Rifle Magazines
  • Ultra-Fast Donning
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Customizable with Modular Front Panel
  • Front and Rear Molle For Pouch/Pack Attachments
  • Holds 8×10 or 10×12 Steel or Composite Body Armor Plate
  • Accommodates Soft Trauma Panels
  • Fully Adjustable – One Size Fits All
  • Lifetime Warranty (against manufacturer defects)
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